Is It Wrong To Crate Train My Chihuahua?

There is a common misconception by many people that it is cruel to make an animal stay in a crate. So, you may be asking yourself "Is it wrong to crate train my Chihuahua?". The short answer is no, and let me explain why.

If you already own a Chihuahua, you probably know that Chihuahuas like to go and "burrow" underneath blankets and covers. They do this because it is comfortable, but also because it gives them a feeling of security. Well, crates do the same thing, and this is why most Chihuahuas like them. They will feel secured in it, and many of them will start to become territorial towards other animals around it (so watch your pets).

Chihuahuas may be hesitent going to their crate when you first get it, just because they don't know what it is. However, you can help them associate it with being good by giving them a treat. If you do this, along with never punishing your Chihuahua by making them go their crate, they should start to enjoy going to it in no time.

I hope this helps you seperate the facts from the myths regarding Chihuahua crate training.

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Yorkie Clothes 8 years ago

Great hub! I love Chihuahuas.

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