Is Licorice Toxic to Dogs?


Is licorice toxic to dogs? No, but it will make them sick. I was shopping one day and decided to buy a 5-pound bucket of Red Vines, which is my favorite movie candy of all time. Later on that day I had a couple of pieces of licorice, and put the lid back on and went about my day. My counter surfing, one-year-old chocolate Lab decided that the licorice smelt really good, and she wanted to have a taste. I came in and I saw her with her a piece of licorice hanging out of her mouth, with this really guilty look on her face; she had eaten about half of the licorice. The next day, she had nausea and diarrhea like you wouldn't believe. Her stools were bright red, and she couldn't keep anything down. By the way, licorice will stain your carpet, so if this happens to your dog you might want to put them some place that is easily cleaned. Luckily, I was able to be with her all day to make sure that she didn't get dehydrated to the point were she needed to go to the vet, but it was still a nerve-wrecking experience. I sure learned my lesson! I now keep all processed foods in cabinets out of her reach.

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kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 6 years ago from Massachusetts

Dogs only know somethings smells good and not that it will make them sick. I'm glad your dog was not very sick and did not have to go to the vet. Great hub!

Mollys mum 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing! Currently researching if I should get vet help for our chocolate lab Molly (AKA labrapig) who has stolen and eaten 2 full bags of licorice last night and has been sick a few times the day after.

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