Jack Russell Aggression - Is a Jack Russell Right For Your Family?


Jack Russell is indeed a very sweet and cute breed but as this breed was originally meant as hunting dog, the aggressiveness in its temperament is quite obvious. When it is bought as a family pet, it needs some special training to become less aggressive with the family. As this breed is not usually considered a lap dog, it requires some tough love to handle it. Jacks have plenty of energy and, though stubborn, can become a loving pet. Sometimes due to lack of companionship, it is noticed that Jack Russell gets aggressive towards family members and will be loyal to one and disdain the other.

The Jack Russell is a hyperactive breed and will become more aggressive if not in the company of the family. If the dog is left alone at home and does not have much exercise nor human contact, your Jack will probably be a little snippy when you try to play with it after a long day of being at home alone.

Some tips to stop Jack Russell aggression is to never let a Jack Russell win any game of aggression with another animal or a human. To be aggressive and to win the conflict will give a negative message to your dog. Proper exercise is essential for Jack Russell health and personality. Jacks are usually very aggressive towards dogs of the same sex and though there have been successful multiple Jack Russell homes, they were always be a fight for dominance to be number one in the pack.


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