Jack Russell Skin Care and Bathing

Jack Russells are a clean breed though you would think that they would be a little dirtier because of their habits of rolling in the dirt and digging. Though are so immaculate due to their hair texture that you only have to give them a bath once a month. Most Jacks do not like baths so you might want to start when they are a puppy. Give them a bath a week until they are used to it and then go back to a once a month routine. If you make the bath as apart of their schedule, then they will be more likely to not put as much of fight up when they hear the tub water running.

When you bathe your Jack, use a veterinarian approved shampoo. Jack Russells are known to have skin allergies and hot spots that can be irritated by human shampoos or conditioners. If your Jack has a bald spot or a rash where they are constantly itching, give them cool baths that and use oatmeal or an oatmeal shampoo to take away the itch. Ask your vet about the possibility of giving your Jack Russell a small amount of Dimetapp to relieve the itching. A Jack is smart and can use the bottom of a chair or a couch to scratch their own back and you will notice significant hair loss, pink skin, or scabs.

When you bathe your Jack Russell make sure that you have all the supplies around the tub or bathing area that will allow you to stay put during the bathing experience. Most Russells do not like baths and will make a break for it if you have to leave the bathing area to get what you need. Have all your towels, soaps, shampoos, and other accessories available so that you do not have to leave.

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