Jack Russell Skin Problems Could Be Due To Food Allergies


Most dogs are susceptible to skin allergies or hot spots, but Jack Russells are a little more likely to get them than other breeds. If your Jack has a skin problem it is important to get them to a vet as soon as problem. Your dog may have allergies that stem from allergies or from a bacterial problem that could spread to you. Your vet will do a skin analysis to see what is causing the problem.

Look at what your Jack Russell eats every day. If you have it on a diet of just dry food, look at the ingredients and pay close attention to the preservatives and additives that are included. You might want to switch the food to a more natural variety that has natural ingredients without the extra chemicals. When you switch the dogs food, do it slowly so that you can prevent diarrhea or other stomach ailments. It is recommended that you use plain canned pumpkin to help in the transition as a neutral base to prevent digestive problems.

If the skin allergies persist, ask your vet to perform an allergy test. This is like a human allergy test where the vet will prick you Jack Russell's skin with a variety of needles that have different materials on them. If the skin reacts, you have found your culprit. Revisit the diet and take that material out of the food that they eat or buy food without the ingredient in it. You know what it is like to have itchy skin, so think about that when you see your Jack scratching at them selves or you see bald or pink spots on their skin.

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pat 5 years ago

My jack rusell 7 years old started having skin problems. Symptoms= red blistered swollen paws,losening hair in spots, dragging butt, red belly,and ear infected with red discharge. Took to vet nothing help.Read about blue buffalo brand dog food. Discovered shes allergic to milk and eggs, which are not in this dog food. With in 3 weeks we could see the differents. She has lost her weight and is looking like her own self again. PLEASE GIVE THIS FOOD A TRY. I am happy to have Patches back.

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