Jack Russell Terrier and flea allergy pictures

Photographs by Faye Mitchell
Photographs by Faye Mitchell

My home remedies are meant to help, but never ever meant to replace the importance of veterinary care in severe cases where more knowledge is necessary in order to treat the problem.

Not only is Brandy allergic to food but also to fleas!

Beware Jack Russell Terrier owners -- PROTECT YOUR DOG AGAINST FLEAS!

If you have read my other articles on home remedies you know that I will not go to the vet or the doctor unless it is really necessary. Each year of Brandy's life I gave her flea medicine -- this year I did not and I did not notice any fleas. The natural treatment for her food allergy was working well and all was good.

All of the sudden Brandy started to lick her leg. I washed it with honey and oatmeal and yet she licked her leg until it was raw, I tried to cover it, but it didn't work and by the next morning it was red and raw -- next day we were forced to take her to the vet! Once again she was given an antibiotic for a staff infection and steroids for itch relief. Also we were given flea medicine for her and a big bill for us!

Had I known she allergic to fleas I would have given her flea medicine (buckets of it ) so she would not get any fleas and had I known it was fleas when she first started to scratch I might have tried olive oil -- to suffocate them and really soak her in water, but I didn't know and besides her allergic reaction to the fleas was severe and I would never let her suffer for the sake of a natural cure. Sometimes the wisest action is to see a doctor or a vet. Until Brandy saw the vet I had no idea it was fleas.

I tried the vinegar suggested by comments and it works really great.

This picture was taken several days later when her leg began to heal. The fleas start in the center and work their way to the outside.

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Don Rainwater 6 years ago

Are you sure that is a flea allergy? My Jack Russell has gone through the gambit with allergies. We have found that she is allergic to wheat, beef, and chicken. I have used the liqued dynavite and it has worked wonders We are also using Atopica but have not have had the time to measure results.

daughterson profile image

daughterson 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Yes, the vet said it was fleas and when I looked at the edges of her sore I could see tiny little fleas. She is also allergic to food. Atopica worked really well for Brandy but I cannot afford it right now. Brandy is allergic to beef and lamb -- I am not sure about chicken. I never dreamed she would have such a terrible reaction to fleas.

Marsha ball 6 years ago

My sisters jack Russell has fleas really really bad are there any old school remedies ? Help!!!!

daughterson profile image

daughterson 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

I have heard that bathing your dog in warm water with lemon scented Dawn dishwater detergent kills fleas and keeps them away. I think you would have to do it more than once. Also essential oils such as lemongrass or lavender are supposed to keep fleas away and sooth the skin. I have not personally tried these remedies. I think the Lemon scented Dawn is worth a try.

Jigz 6 years ago

Search about ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). Try to use the RAW one. You're problem will be solved. good luck

daughterson profile image

daughterson 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Thanks Jigz. Never thought of Apple Cider Vinegar -- I know it helps kill lice why not fleas and it is not harmful.

virgil dotson 6 years ago

We have a 4 yr old beautiful jack russel med. Wire hair. She is like our kid we have spent thousands of dollars at our vet office,which if we had to do it over again we would. We take her once a month to the vet to get her steroid shot along with 2 bottles of pills which she has to take daily . She is extremely allergic to fleas, she will litterally dig herself raw in several places to the point she is practically bald.we give her frontline and revolution to keep the fleas under control, but the was the economy is today we can't afford to keep up her vet visits, she's lucky if we can take her once every other month. My question is ,are there any home remodies out there that can atleast make her confortable when we can't afford her meds and especially her injection and flea meds,or if there's an organization out there that can help low income families. I'm really glad I was able to find this website to read and share all that our dogs have in common. I thought we just ended up with a one of a kind sick dog thanks for reading our story. Yours truly mr and mrs. Virgil. Dotson

daughterson 6 years ago

As you can see I too have a wire haired Jack Russell. She is not only allergic to fleas but also food!!!!!!! I have the same problem no money and how to keep her comfortable

I saw on another site that bathing the little critter in lemon Dawn will keep fleas away. For the itching check out my other site on allergies

Heidi 5 years ago

www.help-a-pet.org It is a charity that can help people in need with vet bills. There is an application and you are asked to pay as much as you can but it can take the edge off of a big bill.

daughterson profile image

daughterson 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Thank you Heidi that is great information.

CTwitty 4 years ago

I saw the page about using the garlic and honey bath along with the oatmeal mix bath. I plan on trying it out and seeing how it does. My 5yr old jack russell terrier is one of the smooth short hairs and sheds like crazy. She is also highly allergic to fleas and we tried just about everything to keep her from itching and biting herself. She's at the point where he belly, legs, and the area just above her tail on the back are completely bald and have bloody sores on them. I found this site and read about the baths and I'm really hoping they help my poor girl. I will respond and let everyone know how it works. I'm really glad someone with some knowledge posted it, I don't have the money for any vet bills, and was starting to get worried there wasn't anything I could do for her! Thank You!!!!

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Please let me know. I have had so many problems with Brandy, my heart goes out to you. Not having money for a vet is terrible. You can smother fleas with olive oil. Rub it on the flea area and then rinse. I hope your little friend improves.

lynne 4 years ago

i have a 6 yr old jack russell she is havin a fantom pregnancy an keeps snappin at me a bit my daughter could this be becouse of the phantom pregnancy wot should i do

she has also got fleas iv tried everythin i cant get rid of them, even the stuff of the vets didn't work

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

I am very sorry for your situation with your Jack Russel. I am not a veternarian so I don't know what you can do. I do know from personal experience that fleas can be controlled by medicine. If you can wash your dog pour olive oil on her rub it into her skin to smother the fleas and then use baby shampoo to wash the oil out of her skin. Rinse her with lots of water. That will help get rid of the fleas. You will have to do this serveral days.

dog helper 22 months ago


dog helper 22 months ago

Really concerned with some of the posts on here. Washing up liquid? and not being able to afford flea treatment for you rdog that is highly allergiv to fleas???? Just treat them every month with advocate spot on or such and the dog wont get fleas - end of problem. If you cant look after your pet you shouldn't have one!

daughterson profile image

daughterson 22 months ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

First of all I did give her flea medicine and I didn't know she was allergic to fleas since she had never had fleas. Stuff happens. I was trying to help it heal after the fact.

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