Jack Russell skin alergy natural treatment

Eyes rubbed sore and red

Photographs by Faye Mitchell
Photographs by Faye Mitchell

You can see eyes rubbed raw and hair on her legs is gone

Alergic to food? You have to be kidding me!

When my Jack Russell Terrier was six months old she developed a terrible skin disorder. She had to have steroids and antibiotics and the vet suggested putting her on a special diet of hypoallergenic dog food. Not only was she too sick to get the rest of her shots but after the medicine and dog food I couldn't afford them anyway.

She is now three years old and has had many trips to the vet. I gave her the steroids only when she was itching really bad. She would rub herself on the carpet and cause herself to get an infection. I spent hundreds of dollars at the vet but her condition did not improve -- partly because my husband could not resist giving her bites of his steak and other things she was not supposed to eat.

I was out of her steroid medicine and I couldn't afford to take her to the vet. I had discovered by a similar accident that garlic kills cold sores so I thought maybe it would help my little JRT. She had licked the hair off her legs, she had rubbed the hair off her stomach and her eyes -- she was pathetic.

I took three or four large cloves of garlic and put them in a garlic press and then chopped them really fine. I then put them into a little bit of olive oil. I let it sit for about an hour.

I then put her in the double sink (in my basement) and rubbed the garlic and oil on all of the affected areas. I was afraid the garlic would sting her but I think the olive oil helped to sooth her skin because she did not show any sign of pain. I left it on her for ten minutes.

I then rinsed her and washed her with special oatmeal shampoo from the vet -- very expensive.

She showed great improvement.

A few days later I did it again except that I used honey instead of oil because I felt that the honey would help the garlic stick to her skin better and honey is an astringent and has healing vitamins and minerals. I had used all the expensive oatmeal shampoo so I just rinsed her off really well.

She was greatly improved. She did not get infected like she usually did and the itching was much better. Even an ordinary bath will help keep infection down.

Since I had no oatmeal shampoo I decided to make an oatmeal mixture. I put a half cup of oatmeal in a bowl and poured a cup and a half of cold green tea on it. I let it sit for about 6 hours -- this was to release the enzymes in the oatmeal.

I took her to the sink and scooped the oatmeal in my hands and rubbed it on the affected parts of her body -- the stomach, legs, neck and face, but keep it away from the eyes. I let it stay on her about ten minutes. I rinsed her well.

I did this for several days and now she is practically normal.

If your Jack Russell has skin trouble you might want to try garlic and honey baths and then a few days later the oatmeal baths. I have spent hundreds of dollars on medicine and tests but this treatment has worked far better than anything else, and unlike the steroids, garlic, honey and oatmeal are not harmful.

Her skin is clearing up and her fur is growing back, she has eyelashes again, and I will be giving her another oatmeal treatment soon. After three years I am happy to see her have some relief.

Once again I cannot believe how effective garlic is in killing viruses and bacteria. The oatmeal is calming and soothing and the honey is an astringent and has vitamins and minerals. This worked on my little Jack Russell who was plagued with skin problems maybe it would help yours. Had I not run out of money and not studied herbs and natural cures I would not have discovered this treatment.

Baby Shampoo can be used to bath a dog with sensitive skin (in most cases). My new vet recommended using baby shampoo because it is so mild and does not sting the eyes. It is what I use when she is not having a major alergy attack, or when her skin is just slightly irratated. It is a nice gentle cleaning to keep irratated areas clean and free of infection.


If you want to try this treatment in an effort to relieve your dog of miserable scratching and skin irritation do the following:

  • Combine crushed chopped garlic and honey. Rub generously on dogs affected areas wait ten minutes. Keep away from dog's eyes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Do this two times. About three days apart.
  • Use oatmeal mixture three days later and then once a week until condition is cleared.
  • One half cup of oatmeal and one cup of cold green tea. Let stand for six hours at room temperature. Then apply to affected areas. Keep away from dog's eyes. Rinse well.

I have spent two hundred dollars a visit at the vet for three years and this treatment has kept the itching and scratching under control. These simple remedies here and on my other sites seem way to simple to work and perhaps they will not work for you but I can only say that my Jack Russell is now relieved of her scratching and infections. Give it a try if your dog is suffering like my dog was -- what have you got to lose? Garlic is amazing in its ability to kill viruses and bacteria. I no longer underestimate natural cures.

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Loquacious Laura 5 years ago

Hey, thanks for the tips. I too have invested many dollars at the vet for our 10 year old Mini-Schnauzer who has air induced allergies. She scratches, bites and licks her paws but her skin also becomes itchy and is sensitive to the touch. We have used oatmeal shampoo mostly for her and other so called remedies. I have never heard of garlic. I will give it a try although I don't know how to keep her still for 10 minutes while it works! Thanks for sharing such useful and tried information.

daughterson profile image

daughterson 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Thank you so much Loquacious Laura. I never knew dogs could even have allergies. The garlic will work if she will hold still for only a minute, Good luck I hope it works for you.

Linda Lawson 5 years ago

I have 2 that both have allergies and need baths with special shampoo every 3 days. It works, but have never pinpointed the allergies.

daughterson profile image

daughterson 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Yes I know it is hard to pinpoint since there are so many possibilities. Thanks for your comment.

Blue Ocean Hope 4 years ago from New York

Hi, I'm new to this site, actually signed up so I could specifically post to you and receive your replies. I have a 3 (almost 4) year old JRT and she has some pretty good allergies. She's on natural balance LID sweet potato and fish dog food, only gets corresponding treats- sweet potato and other such LID treats, and she still breaks out like crazy... Usually it calms down this time of year but it's been unseasonably warm so none of the environmental irritants have died off and she's still itching and breaking out. We have been to the vet NUMEROUS times- even switched vets to get other opinions and all they want to do is put her on steroids, we tried the pills once and she became very food aggressive, which is strange for her because we can pick her up while she's eating, pet her, put our faces by her... Everything. So I stopped her immediately and just continued with the children's chewable Benadryl 12.5mg... Which doesn't seem to help her much and which isn't available around here anymore.

My questions to you are:

Do you have any suggestions to help her? - her symptoms are very red, itchy feet (she chewed them so badly this summer she made them bleed), she gets these dry spots (not hotspots) where she will scab over and when the scab comes off the little bit of her hair covering the spot comes off with it, and last night- first and ONLY time this happened she had a big red bump which I looked at... And kinda squeezed.. And some (not a lot) of green (light green) pus came out...

I read somewhere that you can make some chamomile tea and let it cool and give them some because chamomile is a natural antimicrobial- I wanted to know if you have heard that too and if that's a good idea.

Your green tea and oatmeal mixture is sitting for 6 hours as I type and I will try that tonight. Also, I work at a pet store and have lots of different oatmeal shampoos and ointments for skin issues and all this other stuff (homeopathic and all natural because that's what I like and it seems to work best), I gave her an oatmeal bath like 3 days ago and I'm worried that's what caused the bump and pus.

I wipe her feet almost every time I take her out (with hypoallergenic unscented dog wipes), and her feet are CURRENTLY under control, but it's these little bumps that she gets (and her eyes water more often) that I'm worried about and really need some help with. Hopefully you can help and suggest some homeopathic remedies... I know nothing will get rid of these completely but I want to help my little (psychopath)... Heh hem baby. I am currently saving up for the testing and desensitization ($1700+) but I want her to be comfortable and be with me for as long as possible... (I know people with 21 and 23 year old jacks- I would love for Carmen to be around that long, seriously.) so please help if you can!

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Blue Ocean Hope, thank you so much for your comments. I understand how painful it is to watch your dog suffer so much. Steroids do increase appatite. My dog takes steroids and when she does she eats like crazy.

My JRT Brandy has a number of allegeries, food, something that affects her eyes I don't know what it is and flea allergy. It is so hard to keep this under control.

When you speak of the pussy bumps I would garlic. Crush the garlic with a knife handle or garlic press to get the juices out and then press it onto the infected bumps. This will kill the bacteria or virus. Rinse it well. I have used this on Brandy when she rubbed her stomach on the carpet to relieve her itch and then got infected. It workes really well.

My vet recommends an benadryl for her eyes.

When you bath your little sweetie after applying the garlic you could also apply honey slatter the areas of soreness or redness and then rinse well. Honey is an estrigent and helps clean and kill bacteria, and has vitamins and minerals to help heal. The most important thing is garlic it is very powerful. Let me know if the garlic helps. Garlic is amazing and I believe it will help your little sweetie. I don't think the oatmeal shampoo caused the pussy bumps, somehow bacteria or virus got into her skin. One thing is for sure that the oatmeal will relieve her skin it can do no harm. So try the garlic and let me know the results.

Blue Ocean Hope 4 years ago from New York

I do give Benadryl (12.5mg twice a day). I tried the green tea and oatmeal soak. Skin looked ok but today I noticed some red spots on her rump (underneath) and on the back of her leg. Nothing has changed in the last day, no idea why she would have them now.

Is garlic safe with a dog that likes to eat everything (she was even trying to eat the green tea and oatmeal soak yesterday)? Can't be fleas, there are none- advantix is used monthly and with her short white hair you can see any fleas- and there's no flea dirt... So I have no idea what could be causing this... Except the oatmeal...

And you didn't answer about the chamomile tea?- have you heard anything about that? Putting it on skin or letting her drink it?

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

The oatmeal would not cause any red bumps -- I am pretty sure. Garic on infected areas will not hurt your dog. I use garlic on Brandy and it killed the bacteria. As for camomile tea use it on her skin I think it would be great but as for drinking it I couldn't say. Do not be afraid of garlic. Oatmeal soathes the skin and in no way would cause irratation, the red bumps must be from bacteria or something. I am not a vet or doctor but I can say that in my own use garlic is great for killing bacteria. Give the garlic a try and if she eats it no big deal it won't hurt her. Please keep me update.

Blue Ocean Hope 4 years ago from New York

If a dog ingests too much garlic it's lethal... Anemia, bleeding, and death. If a dog didn't lick/try to eat anything I'd say it'd be a great idea to give it to them.... But with my dog and how she tries to eat EVERYTHING.... I don't know if I want to take that risk.

I did try the chamomile tea (ingested) and she liked it... Just made her urinate a little more... Lol.

Blue Ocean Hope 4 years ago from New York

Hey it's been a few days... I recently changed my laundry detergent to ecos brand hypoallergenic laundry detergent and bounce free and clear dryer sheets... Her bumps went away within 3 days! (not her only allergy, I'm sure, but sure helped!) and I'm currently looking into changing her diet to ( http://www.answerspetfood.com/ )a raw diet. I tried their raw goats milk with her and she liked it... We will see how that works out... Then I may switch her to completely raw. She has some bad dry spots on her (even with the grizzly salmon oil she gets daily) so I put cortisone 10+ on her which has "10 healing mousturizers" in it. It may be that the antibacterial shampoo I used on her the other day dried her out. So hopefully this will help!

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

I am so happy you are making progress with her. We don't think of how laundry detergent could cause alergies, but dogs in nature are certinly not exposed to laundy detergent chemicals. Good work and good luck.

Blue Ocean Hope 4 years ago from New York

Oh. I'm also trying Johnson and Johnson all natural hypoallergenic baby shampoo and staying away from oatmeal based products- shampoos- for a while. Once it's cleared up I will attempt an oatmeal bath or shampoo again and see if that's what caused it. I also heard lavender oil (while good for flea prevention) is great for dry skin, as well as topical (or internal) vitamin e oil is also great for dry skin. Which is what we are battling on her left side at the moment (which I actually think is more from her sitting on the furnace vent then anything else...)

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Yes, I think the vent would dry out her skin. It sounds like you are making great progress. It is wonderful to see them well.

yvonne Johnson 4 years ago

It could also be a yeast infection. My dogs would itch and chew their feet.

daughterson profile image

daughterson 4 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

The first time she got this way I thought she had a yeast infection but the Vet did tests and he said she did not. He said it was an alergy to food. The only way to tell for sure is a test.

vgreen 2 years ago

my jack is acting this way as well started last summer went away for winter back this summer why only in the summer? She too takes centinel and has never had fleas hate to see her so uncomfortable

daughterson profile image

daughterson 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

I guess they are allergic to something like grass or pollen or something. My dog has food allergies and something outside in summer -- I don't know what it is. Thanks for your comments and I am sorry about your JR.

Blue Ocean Hope 2 years ago from New York

So I have a bunch of things I've tried with my pooch over the years. I actually made an Instagram called JRTAllergyHelp. There are a bunch of pix on there that may help with some of your problems. The main thing I do to keep my JRTs allergies under control is I bath her once a week with hypoallergenic shampoo, I really like Earthbath's tea tree oil and aloe shampoo, as well as Bobbi Panter's natural shampoos. Also I use either hypoallergenic dog wipes or baby wipes and I wipe her feet with them whenever she comes in or when I see her allergies really acting up.

She also gets children's chewable Benadryl 2X a day (1 in am and 1 in pm) it's based on weight.

Check the IG account for more hints.

As a follow up for my pooch her allergies are wonderfully under control. The only problem I'm having with her right now is she tears her paw pads off when we play outside because she plays so hard. And I've tried EVERYTHING to help her but it happens every time. I'm open to suggestions on that one if anyone has any.

Oh and I only ever use advantix, never any other flea treatment.

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