Jack Russells - If You're Not an Active Family, They May Not Be Right For You


Jack Russell's are best suited to a home with an active family who enjoy the outdoors. Jack Russell's will do best in a rural or country setting where there is wilderness for them to run, explore and play in. Keeping your Jack Russell as a welcome part of the family means firm, consistent training and patience. Another key to enjoying your Jack is regular lengthy exercise and fun games to occupy them. Failure to keep your Jack Russell active will often result in a bored dog that will show a change in temperament and quickly find himself in trouble. Your wardrobe, shoes, furniture and other belongings will suffer.

Jack Russell's are very playful and have very flamboyant personalities. Allowing them a chance to exercise these traits will help keep your Jack happy and healthy.

Jack Russell's that are not shown the proper care, training and exercise can quickly become an unmanageable member of the family. Jack's that are not properly attended to will often exhibit excessive and unwarranted barking, an unstoppable urge to escape from your home or property, unwanted digging and damage outside and inside the home as well as damage to personal belongings within the home that are within reach.

Though different Jack Russells do have different personalities, as a puppy you never know what you will get. If you are not an active family or if you plan to give a Jack to a senior or older couple, make sure they understand the care that is needed, and also the energy level.


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