Jack Russells on Televison Are Not the Jacks You Will Get at Home


Many dog lovers have gravitated towards the breed for its friendly, curious personality and diminutive size. Although a popular pet and excellent companion, it pays to do your research the Jack Russell and know what want and what to expect from them. There is a misconception among the general public thanks to movies and TV that the Jack Russell is a quiet helper and lap dog that will relax with you after a long day. The traits and characteristics are something that has been purposely created and highly desirable to the generations of breeders who have cared for the Jack Russell. Above all they prize this dog for being fearless, intelligent and alert. A dog that is truly ready to face the world head-on without a second thought. If you use a Jack Russell as a lap dog you will end up with a very unhappy dog that will likely destroy your house.

The dog portrayed in films is an example of a highly trained professional working dog that has been trained to behave a certain way on camera. He is an actor. This depiction does not in any way represent the behavior of the real life Jack Russell in a family setting. Just because the dog is small does not make it a lap dog. He may enjoy lying on your lap from time to time, when the mood strikes him, but that will only be a very small percentage of the time. At any second something could gain the the attention of your Jack and it will bound out of your lap and be on its way. A shadow going across the wall or the movement of a curtain can have your Jack flying through the air on the way to its next adventure.

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thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

great well done hub

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