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Caesar & Ginger
Caesar & Ginger | Source

An Easter Tail, Oops! Tale

Mom was baking again. Caesar, Tsin'tia 2, Chip and Ginger could smell all kinds of goodies cooking in the oven. While tempted to go see what was in the oven, Caesar remembered his very painful accident with the oven at Thanksgiving when he burned his poor nose on the hot oven door. He lay down on the carpet outside the kitchen and drooped his ears back and down just remembering how much that hurt!

Soon Mama let them out in the back yard to play in the early morning. It was still a little cool. Texas is very hot in the summer, but around Easter the weather is still pretty cool, maybe even a little bit COLD.

Caesar started playing his favorite cool weather game. He was also showing Chip, who had come back to live with the family, how to play it. He ran as fast as he could all around the yard, enjoying the feel of the new green grass under his feet. His sisters, who were never a fast as Caesar, joined him in the grass. He ran right in front of the girls, teasing them into trying to catch him.

First Ginger jumped out at Caesar, but he zoomed right by her and ran off into the far corner of the yard. Then on his next trip zooming around the yard, Tsin'tia tried to catch him but Caesar was too fast for her, too. Chip was pretty fast, but Caesar outran him, too.

Just as Caesar was slowing down his game, he saw just a flash of white out of the corner of his eye. He whirled around and ran behind the shed where he had seen the movement. Imagine his surprise when he found the Easter Bunny with a basket of brightly colored, hard-boiled eggs!

Just then the girls and Chip ran up to see what Caesar had found. The bunny shrieked, threw his paws in the air and took off running out into the yard. Caesar and the girls were in hot pursuit! They chased the bunny around the yard once and Caesar almost caught the bunny's cottontail.

In a last-ditch effort to escape the huge hounds on his tail, the Easter Bunny shook out his basket full of eggs. Eggs went EVERYWHERE! There were pink eggs, blue eggs, orange eggs and eggs of every color. There were even some striped and polka-dotted eggs.

The dogs were dazzled by the number and colors of eggs flying through the air to land in the soft grass, rolling to every corner of the yard. The dogs were so amazed they didn't even see the bunny wiggling his way out of the yard under the fence.

Caesar, Tsin'tia, Chip and Ginger sniffed the eggs. They smelled GOOD! Boiled eggs were a treat for them and here they had a LOT of them. The dogs ran around scooping up the eggs in their mouths and eating them up! The four dogs ate the eggs, shells and all. They ate Easter eggs till they thought they might pop!

A little while later, Mom came out on the porch to give the dogs their lunch only to find them lying down on their sides with their tongues hanging out and their stomachs looking very full. She looked around to see where the dogs could have gotten anything to eat.

"What have you dogs been into?" she asked. She didn't see anything at all.

The dogs had eaten up every Easter Egg! There was not even a bit of brightly colored shell in the grass.

Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny was heading back to his invisible Easter Coach to get another basket of eggs for the girls and boys on that block. After getting over his fright and changing his coat, he was very glad to have escaped the big, scary dogs. He made a note to himself to avoid that yard next year!

The End

(c) 2013 Judy Ward

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