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Animal Naturals makes a line of vitamins for dogs. K9 Puppy Gold is formulated for pregnant and nursing female dogs, weaning puppies, and growing puppies. K9 Puppy Gold is a white powder that you can mix with your puppy's food or you can feed it alone. It has a great taste that dogs love!

K9 Puppy Gold is formulated to aid muscle and bone growth, boost immunity, and promote joint and tissue growth.

The vitamin supplement is to be given to puppies up until they are 4-6 months old, mixing one scoop for each cup of dog food (a half a scoop for a half a cup, and a quarter of a scoop for a quarter of a cup).

Although, it is a puppy vitamin, pregnant mothers benefit from it as well. The vitamin supplement helps with skin and coat. When pregnant, muscle and bone mass tends to lessen in mother dogs, but this supplement spares her muscle and bone mass. When she is lactating, the supplement provides the female with nutrients. Keeping a breeding female on K9 Puppy Gold, will leave her robust and healthy at the end of the pregnancy and weaning of the puppies, versus that average underweight female.

K9 Puppy Gold is supposed to help prevent runts and small puppies, keeping them at the top shape and condition, as it is trans fat and lactose free.

My Experiences with Puppy Gold

A few weeks after I brought home a six week old American pit bull terrier, I started her on K9 Puppy Gold. She truly does like the flavor. When she sees me mixing up her dry dog food and Puppy Gold, she sits impatiently, waiting for me to put it on the floor in front of her.

She's not the only one who loves the taste. My other two dogs, wait to lick her bowl when she's done.

MIA has a great, shiney coat and has been growing appropriately. She has not added any excess fatty tissues either, as the forumula builds lean bodied puppies (i.e. it keeps the fats down).

I plan on keeping her on Puppy Gold until she is six months old, so to help her the best I can. I want a strong built puppy with low fats.

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Krysta 9 years ago

Alright , I'll do that then. Thankyou Whitney!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Hm.... I've never heard of a problem with the pup not wanting to eat it, all my dogs tried to eat my pup's. Well, if you want to cheat, you could try a little bit of chicken broth, not a lot though. You don't want her to get used to eating her food that way. You can slowly wean her off of it though.

Krysta 9 years ago

Sorry, She won't eat the K9 Puppy Gold.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

She won't eat her food or she won't eat the K9 Puppy Gold?

Krysta 9 years ago

I have a valley bulldog and I can't get her to eat it !

I even put it in there when she's not around and it looks okay and there's no smell . I don't know what to do !

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

I have used it. I actually explain my experience with K9 Puppy Gold in the article.

TIFFANY 9 years ago


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