Keep Your Dog From Barking Until Your Neighbors Complain

Dog Parenting Comes in Different Forms

Here's Harley, a 14yo Lab. He had a barking problem until we started giving him 3-mile per day walks.
Here's Harley, a 14yo Lab. He had a barking problem until we started giving him 3-mile per day walks. | Source

Advice on Dog Habits

At one time or another nearly everyone’s had an experience with barking dog sounds, whether it was their own dog or someone else’s. By saying barking dog I mean the one who won’t stop barking for anything.

It’s a sad scene every time I see a dog barking because it’s chained up. It’s almost always a large dog - breeds that need more exercise and socializing to keep the pet behaviour friendly around people. Too often I’ve seen these dogs bite small children and hurt people and even other animals as a result of pent-up energy with no release.

That’s the result of bad dog parenting.

Start Dog Bark Training Early

There are many devices on the market that promise to quiet barking dogs immediately, or over a period of time where the animal is shocked into submission via shock collar. This eventually teaches the dog its limits, if you don’t mind abusing your dog into quiet dogs submission. Yeah, they’ll say it’s completely harmless, but they won’t put it on their own neck and experience it first-hand. It’s using pain as a tool; also bad dog parenting.

I don’t believe pain and fear are good ways of correcting dog behaviour, although they can be very effective. Hopefully most dogs are fast learners so they don’t have to endure the painful shock very often. I also hate those collars made of chain link with spikes on them that dig into the dog’s neck when pulled tight. Again, that’s using pain as a tool, and again, that’s bad dog parenting.

Good advice for dogs and people.
Good advice for dogs and people. | Source

Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan

Cesar Milan, the famous television NatGeo‘s “Dog Whisperer” has developed his own collar that’s 100% effective and it causes no pain or discomfort at all. It is one of his dog training tricks that’s electronic and it is controlled with a remote device the owner operates, and the small box attached to the collar itself is a vibrator.

A sudden, painless, unexpected buzz-vibration startles the dog out of the frame of mind it was in while doing whatever the bad activity is (in this case, barking incessantly), and by the same technique of conditioned response the dog learns without any pain whatsoever and becomes bark free.

Milan also recommends using one of his dog training secrets; a firm poke in the side of the dog as it’s committing the offense, simultaneously with a sound that’s much like, “Pshhhhhhhht.” After only a few times, the poke isn’t necessary anymore and simply making the noise gets the message to the dog as a bark buster.

Effective Funny Remedy; Secrets of Dog Training

When you’re dealing with smaller dogs, or, yappy dogs as many call them, there’s another painless technique to stop puppy barking, no matter what has them going off. It’s so simple that you may laugh and think I’m just filling this white space with whatever I could come up with. But, no, this is real.

Take an empty, dry soda pop can (beer can or any beverage can) and put a penny, small rock, or ball bearing in; something that will rattle around in it when you shake the can. Put tape over the opening so the rattler will not escape while the can is being shaken.

For some reason, all dogs seem to hate the penny in the can, after only a few uses you can pull out that can, and the little dogs will shut up at the sight of it. They do not like it, they do not like it at all. A mere shake once is usually all it takes. Funny, and very effective.

Drastic Measures to Stop Barking Dog: Turn Bark Off

There’s always a dog who’s kept outside and hates it, and so barks constantly, making neighbors complain and company approaches carefully. The meters for the utilities have to be accessed and some people leave their dogs outside all the time. The only thing that’s going to shut this dog up is if you bring him inside with you, which is what the dog wants. Quiet a barking dog with attention.

One extreme measure would be to get a spatula with a giant dollop of creamy peanut butter on it and smear it on the roof of the dog’s mouth. It’s not hard and pet behavior will last for some time as he licks and licks until he finally gets it all off. This method, however, can be very fattening, so try to make his daily walks a little longer.

You’d be surprised at how many “problem dogs” are totally rehabilitated when given proper exercise. It gives the dog a workout; we sometimes forget that our pets are captive animals, they were made to root around all day for food, not sitting in a yard or home waiting for someone to come home and pay attention to them.

Dog Training Advice; Problem Dogs Need More Work

Dogs that fought viciously, dogs that seemed on guard and ready for a fight, dog aggression toward other dogs and dogs that bite people when they touched it’s owner. So many different situations, but you can’t believe the change in the dogs when exercise is increased, and it’s an almost immediate change.

Taking the dog for a walk can be a contest of wills. The dog needs to know he is not the pack leader, you are. And as pack leader, you need to lead them on a walk or run to exercise your dog. Wearing roller blades or skates while letting the dog run in front on the leash helps them to burn off a lot of pent-up energy, and you get good exercise as well.

For larger dogs, make sure the run is at least a mile to start with and gradually add more distance until 5 miles have been walked. It doesn’t take long to walk 5 miles; less than an hour. Less distance is needed to exercise dog breeds that are smaller, use your good judgment.

Use Technology in Dog Training Methods

Many people use a treadmill because their dog has more energy than they do. Barking a lot takes up enormous amounts of energy, but not the physical exertion kind that dogs crave. When properly exercised, what you end up with is a tired dog who is satisfied and friendly, but isn’t into barking or fighting, and when exercised often, it alleviates the original bad behavior completely.

It’s worth a shot that can’t hurt you or the dog, so try it.

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What Methods Have You Used Successfully to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking? 2 comments

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Same here, MT! I love it when the neighbor is in his yard doing something and his dog barks and barks and barks. Mine barks once or twice and I say No, Diesel, not even harshly, and he stops. He loves being a good boy more than he loves minding the rules, so he's a total affection and praise addict. Thanks for reading!

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 4 years ago from USA

These are great tips. I basically was able to say "no" every time he tried to bark at a neighbor. I was outside with him on a leash every time it happened. I think it was the consistency that helped, and keeping him exercised helps as well. Now that we have a fence, and I am not always outside with him, he will bark from time to time, but a simple "no" works again. It's the neighbors dogs that bark incessantly.

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