Keep Your Jack Russell on a Leash at All Times


It's always advisable to keep your Jack Russell on a leash when out in the public or in wilderness areas you are unfamiliar with. If the dog is loose and catches an interesting scent he will be gone. Jack Russell's seem to suffer from an indefinable, genetic form of deafness, known to people as selective hearing. They appear to hear very well any other time, but when they've caught an interesting scent all your cries of "stop!" and "come back here!" seem to go unheard. It's wise to keep your Jack on a leash in public parks. Jack Russell's don't only see foxes, cats, raccoons and other furry animals as an enemy. Jack Russell's have also been known to aggressively attack, defend against, and hunt any digging or crawling animal, even snakes.

As previously stated, Jack Russell's do not possess the fears that humans do. A Jack Russell will respond to an aggressive snake in the same way as an aggressive dog, and even chase them to their holes and dig if need be to catch them. Many Jack Russell's have met an untimely end from a poisonous snake. It's recommended to never leave your dog unattended in a place where it may encounter such an animal. If possible it's best to avoid any type of snake altogether. Although a Jack Russell can and will easily kill snakes, poisonous or not; non-poisonous snakes can still present a danger. Some species of non-poisonous snakes will have long, hooked fangs and will bite your dog in self defense. If these bites become infected they are not treatable on the surface because the infection is actually nowhere near the puncture wound. These types of infected wounds can result in fatal blood poisoning or painful and expensive surgery. It is best to simply avoid snakes altogether.

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theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

Great hub! I always envy those that can let their dogs off their leash and they stay right at their side. I have two Malamutes and I know if I ever let them off their leash they'd be in the next city before I even blinked! lol Great information!

Dawn-Rae profile image

Dawn-Rae 5 years ago from Calgary

I have owned many different breed of dog and was always able to walk them off leash. Then I decided I would get a Jack. We got her as a puppy and for 2 yrs her idea of come was "OK if you can catch me". She is 3 1/2 now and we take her to the dog park all the time and she is off leash. She never goes further than 10 ft in front of us. Always checks back to see where we are. We were concerned about her being aggresive with other dogs but she does not even pay attention to them she just moves forward. She knows the park now and knows that as we go there are games to play such as Queen of the mountain. Log rolling and her favorite is swimming. She will swim until she drowns if we let her. The only time she is aggresive with other dogs is if they roll her twice. She will allow them to come run and roll her over once, she just gets up and keeps going forward, but if they come for another shot she teaches them their manners and gives a growl and a nip. We constantly get comments from people about being able to walk her off leash. Have her sit with all the dogs around and wait etc. We have met many Jack owners who do not even bring their dog to an off leash park because they are scared they will never come back. If she sees something that interests her she will take off after it, like a ball, but I just have to say "here" and she promptly turns around and comes back. I did not do any different training my Jack as I did with any of my dogs. I guess I am just lucky :)

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