Keep Your Pets Safe & Healthy All Summer Long


Summer heat can pose serious health risks to pets

The long dog days of summer can pose a serious health risk to pets if owners do not take the proper precautions. Dehydration, heat stroke, fleas, ticks, and heartworms affect dogs and cats, putting them at risk for serious injury, or death. A few simple steps will ensure your pets health through summer and beyond.


Just like humans, an animals need for water increases with the rising temperatures. Pets should always have access to a clean fresh water source. Beware of standing water, such as drainage areas and run-off. These areas are mosquito breeding areas and increase the risk of your pet contracting heartworms


Animals are as much at risk of heatstroke in the summer as humans. Pets should always have a shade source to protect them from the sun's rays. Never leave a pet tied out in the direct sunlight and never leave an animal in your vehicle.

Fleas & ticks

Whether your pets come indoors in the summer or not, all pets should be given a preventative for fleas and ticks. An infestationof fleas can cause severe dermatitis which may lead to open sores and fur loss. Excessive grooming resulting from fleas will lead to tapeworms if your pet digests fleas or their larvae. Ticks carry lyme disease and may leave your pet anemic.


Heartworms affect cats and dogs but it is canine heartworms that pose the most serious risk to the pets health. Dogs contract heartworms through the bite of a mosquisto. Once bitten the worms move into the heart, lungs and blood vessels, incubating for six to seven months before fully maturing. The animal will remain symptom free during this stage. Although there are effective methods of treating heartworm disease in dogs but it is very costly and there is no guarantee the dog will survive. The key to heartworm control is prevention. A monthly pill such as Heartguard will keep your dog from contracting heartworms.

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Very useful information.

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