Keeping Green Anoles As Pets

Some Great Photos Of Green Anoles

Keeping Green Anoles As Pets

People often call Green Anoles chameleons which they really are not. But they do have the unique ability to change their color to match their background. And in case you don't know I can tell you that the Green Anole is the only species of Anole native to the United States.

In the wild their diet includes crickets , grubs , earthworms , spiders , and moths. They are aggressive hunters both in the wild and in captivity.

In order to keep your Green Anoles happy you really need a natural looking Terrarium and by that I mean you need it to look as close to nature as possible by including both artificial and real plants. You also do not want to keep two males in the same enclosure because they will fight. Keeping a male and a couple of females will work out great for you.

You will want to use non fertilized potting soil for your substrate. It is okay to add sphagnum moss to the substrate. And you will want your Green Anole enclosure to stay at around 75 degrees at all times. You will want to create a basking spot for the Green Anoles with a light bulb. You can have your basking spot at the top of a tree branch you have placed in the enclosure. And you need to use UVB bulbs with your Green Anoles.

Here is a beautiful specimen of a Green Male Anole
Here is a beautiful specimen of a Green Male Anole

Green Anoles

Green Anoles need to stay around 60-70 percent humidity. You will want to ideally use a humidifier that feeds out into your Green Anole Enclosure for the humidity to stay above 60 percent. You will want one of the indoor / outdoor temperature humidity meters so you can keep the humidity and temperature monitored. You will want a very shallow water dish and you want to make sure you keep it changed when ever dirty.

You will want to make sure that your Green Anole enclosure gets cleaned on a regular basis. And that you keep a close eye on the humidity and temperature inside your Green Anole Enclosure. Any time the enclosure appears to be drying out to you mist it with a spray bottle of water. Use bottled water to mist with as the chlorine in regular water is not good for your Green Anoles.

If you take good care of your Green Anoles you will be rewarded with some very interesting exotic pets and the average Green Anole in captivity will live five or more years.

A Green Anole that has turned brown to match its back ground.
A Green Anole that has turned brown to match its back ground.

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Do you own a Green Anole? How do you like it? Post your comments , tips , suggestions or questions now. 28 comments

GC 4 years ago

We really enjoy our green anole. Our kids have allergies and we can't keep a dog or a cat. Anoles are great little guys for us-they're more interesting than fish and the kids have gotten into a good routine taking care of it. The little lizard is easy to clean and they're not smelly like other small pets can be. The kids really had to talk me into having a reptile in the house, but I have learned to like having it around. Buying its cage and all the lights, etc to go with him was pretty expensive, but after that, the day to day care, crickets, etc. are quite reasonable.

Hohobadsanta 4 years ago

How do you guys know that your green anole is happy? Just that it turns green doesn't mean it's always happy. It may be that your cage is full of green plants(fak or real.) Or it may be that your cage is warm. And if you hold it and it turns green it's because your hand is warm not BECAUSE it's happy. Don't ALWAYS try to hold him it may stress your anole. Just saying because all you guys/woman always say my anole is happy I just thought that doesn't make sense. Oh to see if he is stressed out look behind his eye there will be a black spot.

Bryce 4 years ago

I have a pet Anole.

tropiusman 4 years ago

I have a pet green anole and he is awesome. He was wild but he adapted as if he was captive. His name is Servine and I can even rub his neck like a dog. He comes with me to church,school, vacations,stores,family photos,and even restraunts. It's like he understands!

DatAnoleLuver 4 years ago

Heelow. My Anole is a male, I think. I feed him small crickets but he wont eat them. I don't know what's wrong. I was think up some ideas, though... they need to be EXTRA small he wants something else but crickits hes going on protest for something. PLEASE HELP ME, SOS.


DatAnoleLover 4 years ago

Hi! I have a Anole. I want to get another one in the other kind of breed, but hes never stressed out enough to streach out his neck flab, so i don't know to get a male or female. Thx, DAL

i am not telling you my name 5 years ago

some ways to tell the gender of the lizard is if it is closer to 5 inches it could be a tell if it is a boy the lizard will have a really red flap of skin and the flap will be close to half an inch.a girl will have a pinkish flap color.

joshy123 5 years ago

males have red flaps under their neck they will expand when scared or stressed

Joe Dawson 5 years ago

How can you tell the differene between a male and female Green Anole? If you should not have two males in the same tank How do you tell which is male and female so you don't get two males?

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

I don't think so. I have never seen one with spots but I guess there could possibly be a mutation.

heather 5 years ago

i was wondering if green anoles have spots

lee 5 years ago

I caught 8 anoles today just sayom

Jen 5 years ago

I got my green anole 2day and she only turns brown when I hold her. I named her Link cause my brother was playin Super Mash Bros-Brawl and he just won Toon Link. she's really great and sleeps right in my hand. I just wonder if she doesn't like my sister's who's a boy and is named Dewd.

Science Teach 5 years ago

I got my anole during our ice storm here in Plano, Texas. I was bringing my dogs back in from outside when I looked down and there she was sprawled out and lifeless. I thought it would make a good specimen for my class since it was in good condition. When I picked it up I it was still soft and I thought it moved ever so slightly. So, I put it in a bucket. It first moved its feet, then it began breathing very heavily and finally it opened its eyes. This took at least an hour. I kept it at home for a few days and then took it to school. It is now one of my classroom pets. I agree it is not very timid at all and I enjoy watching it. I was so happy to see something good come out of our unheard of 4 days off from school.

Nicole 6 years ago

I just bought a green and a brown anole and im already loving them both! they aren't very timid even though i just got them today but i have a feeling im going to grow to love them even more

Josh 6 years ago

My dad went to southcalina for a business thing and one of those

Popes out of his toolbox he was so awesome !!!!!

We just made hm a very big plexey glass home and

He is very happy!!!!!

Jennifer 6 years ago

Today I saw a green anole running around in my house. How do I find him? I'm afraid, if I don't get him back outside soon, he'll die. Thanks!!

Jenn 6 years ago

We have a green anole and he is a wonderful pet. When my son first asked for him, I was very hesitant. I was afraid of him at first, but after holding him he quickly became more dear to me then to my son. They are intelligent little lizards and comical, like to be held once you gain their trust. Also, they love peach baby food, mine licks it right off my finger! Mine turns green the minute I open his tank and pick him up, which is actually an anole's way of showing contentment. If your anole seems unhappy, change your tank around until he is happy! :)

leroy 6 years ago

Savannah123 i also have that problem. but in fact it isn't a problem. i reasearced it and it said that it is not to match there backround but indeed stress related. if she is new or something is off in your terrium then that is the problem. it could be your light if it isn't a uvb made for lizards. make sure she has enough places of shade as well as a basking spot. basking spots work good in branches instead of the ground because they are used to be being on the "top branch" as my crazy science teacher always told me. hope this helps

joseph 6 years ago

they are a lot of fun

savannah123 6 years ago

I have got a anole she eats but i don't know how much. She is also mainly brown but sometimes i leave the room she turns green.She only stays where the lamp is not shining why is that?

Just asking.

Skydiver82088 6 years ago

Anoles cost 5 dollars. Just keep fake plants in the cage

lionel12 profile image

lionel12 6 years ago

hi i'm looking in to getting a green anole and I was wondering if you could tell me how much they might cost and what types of plants/trees you should get for them and other things like that. thanks:)

travis 6 years ago

i am going ot be be getting a green anole soon from my friend. i do not know what to do though. and ive never heard of potting soil without a fertilizer in it

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

br00my you have a very interesting story. I once was allowed to capture a beautiful emerald tree boa in a local supermarket here. We assumed he came to the local supermarket in a box of bananas. I still have him in my collection. So he is at least seven years old.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the comment about Green Anoles. It is appreciated.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

Wow I use to see these around my yard all the time, so that's where they went? Good hub.

br00my 7 years ago

We have a beautiful Green Anole and we love him. Two years ago we were shopping at Kroger and my stepson was calling to me saying there was an anole on the watermelons I thought he was joking and continued shopping then he yelled there really is one. I looked closer and there he was, the nice lady working the floral department gave us a container and Tanner caught it and we brought it home he has been a joy ever since.

Can you guess what we named him?

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