Komodo Dragon Pictures

komodo dragon
komodo dragon

Komodo dragons

Dreadly Komodo dragons is a carnivores venomous species of lizard that have shark-like teeth as shown in these Komodo dragon pictures. Komodo dragons have killed and eaten humans recently and are mainly found only in the various islands of Indonesia. Look at these high quality Komodo dragon pictures to see how ugly and deadly they are and imagine how people are living with these creatures near their homes.


Komodo Dragon Pictures

 Komodo dragons have killed an young boy and a fisherman in recent years and these huge lizards are also responsible for wounding many humans and killing a lot of deers, goats and other livestock. Komodo dragons are named aptly as dragon and are highly dangerous. They are found in zoos here in America including Los Angeles zoo where Sharon Stone's husband was attacked that made big news a while ago. Many zoos around the country including the one in Washington DC have Komodo Dragons for public to see and appreciate nature.

Komodo Dragon picture gallery

Komodo dragon full size
Komodo dragon full size
relaxed komodo
relaxed komodo
Komodo biting off its prey's head
Komodo biting off its prey's head
komodo looking for prey
komodo looking for prey
Deadly komodo dragon
Deadly komodo dragon
Komodo eating its prey
Komodo eating its prey
Hungry komodo
Hungry komodo

Komodo dragon pictures video from Animal Planet

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DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Now that a LIZARD. Nice job well researched.

Please see my hub on lizards at http://hubpages.com/hub/Lizard-Phobia.

iskabom2k 6 years ago

wow!that's a great pic you got there!!n_n

taylor franks 6 years ago

this is awsome where i use to live kamodo dragans babys all ways lerked around

victoria rodriguez 6 years ago

I wanted to use these pictures at the library but i lost my fricken 25 cents!But these are extremely awesome pictures!

Charis Williams 5 years ago

those pics are pretty scary

HopeBaserSessions 5 years ago

Ohmy! These are pretty interesting. :DD I think I wanna learn more about them...they look....exciting. (:

Karli 5 years ago

I love komodo dragons

Junainah!!  5 years ago

These Komodo dragons are soooo PATHETIC!!!! I've seen and took better pictures of them!!! If u wanna se them go to www.animalia.com!!! And search for- Komodo Dragons by Junainah Asfaque Kawther!! And find the interesting facts about KOMODO DRAGONS!!!!

Lisa 5 years ago

Wow this cool I love dragons yaaaay

RachelSmells. 5 years ago

I don't like comodo dragons.

They remind me of my friend.

anthony 5 years ago

i like komodo dragon there big and i love lizards (:

kyle 4 years ago

komodo dragons are pivekt

Ananomys 4 years ago

I like the one where you can se in ones mouth

Luna 4 years ago

Scary :O

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