Kong Dog Toy Reviewed, Great Indestructible Dog Toy

Kong Dog Toy

How to Rate the Kong Toy

If your looking for a indestructible dog toy or a durable dog toy then get a Kong Dog Toy. The Kong Toy is a great toy for dogs of any age with any chewing capability. The toys are made from 100% non-toxic rubber. The rubber comes in three different grades. Puppy Kong, Regular Kong, and Kong Extreme. The differences is the hardness of the rubber which of course affects how durable each is. The puppy kong is light blue or pink. The regular is red and the extreme is black.

Benefits of Kong Dog Toys

What I love is that kong makes Frisbee, bones, dental toys for dental health of your dog, also bone toys with rope and many many more. They also make summer toys that float for the water fun. Kong toys are probably one of the most recommended toys to dog owners from vets, dog trainers and pet lovers. I recommend these toys to anyone because of the reputation of kong. They sell these toys as well as stuffer for them to keep your dog busy while your on the go. When they say the worlds strongest toy they aren't kidding. I have seen pit bulls and rottweilers chew on these for months and only a few dents are in it. You can stuff peanut butter, biscuits and many, many other fillers in it.

You can have fun and freeze the peanut butter in the kong and hide it and let your dog find it you'd be surprised how fast they will pick up that peanut butter scent. You can also stuff it with cheez whiz, milkbones and many other things.

What I recommend for Kong Toys

For all dogs I usually don't even recommend the puppy kong because dogs grow out of it quick, yo should use the regular because it is more durable and they can use it through out their life.  Also if you have lab, golden, pit bull or any other power chewer then you should go with the extreme right from the beginning.  You might as well save a little money with the kong than buying one they may destroy and it could become a choking hazard if it's not sized for them correctly.

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