Ramon, Mao and Poppet

I am an addict.

A terrible Jones comes over me when I pass the animal services building in my county and I live CLOSE.

Today, I agreed to foster a little cairn terrier mix that is mostly without fur. He has been my son for all of 3 hours and is connected to me very closely. Sitting at my feet, as a matter of fact. I got the call yesterday after having put an application in yesterday. He is neutered (today), shotted and vetted. He is precious and hasn't barked other than for me to get him out of his cage at vet services. I named him Ramone. My husband says I HAVE to find him and home, I think I already did, with me. In my bed like the Maltese I lost in October,. I miss him sooo very much. Besides, the husband persons dog loves Rammon already and they play like they have always lived together. That decision took all of 45 minutes.

I tried volunteering at Animal Service many months ago. Then I lost my stepmom, then my maltese and then a cat and then my natural mother, between Aug.1 and March 13th. I need something to nuture and bring me out of the terrible depression I am in. Animals ususally do it. I can't go back and watch them put the babies down but I can sure be there for the ones I can get hold of. I have been doing a extraordinary job.

I  took in a rabbit someone was going to give up. A female floppy eared gray and white beauty. Cage, food, hay, bedding, all for nothing. A simple unload. There are too many rabbits in there now. She would have been put down. Her name is Mao. My son commandeered that one. He has the animal bug, gets it honest.

Two days ago I took in a hamster, sitting the parking lot yet again. Her name is Poppet. She is still shy but coming around. Pretty little white and kind of a brown, I guess. Nice shade of brown. Once again, everything came with it. Can you imagine dropping a hamster at the pound? I declined to ask them what the hell they were thinking.

I am still sad, I got/kept them out of there but there are so many, so very, very many needing help and homes and so few of us willing to put in the time and energy.

You may ask why I was at the pound if it makes me so damn sad. I took in one of my mother's cats when she passed and of course, it ran away. I have searched desperately and cannot find her. The Volunteer Services Coordinator happened to find me and I talked myself into saving again. I haven't done it in a long, long time (too much husband grief) but I am back and hoping helping them helps me.

I have 2 labs, three cats, a huge fish and even bigger frog. I have added three loves. My husband tried to tell me I couldn't divide my love between all of them. I say, don't divide, multiply. He lives in Pompano for his job and is coming home tonight. I told him about the dog. The others are a lovely surprise and he can yell all he wants.

Go sit in the parking lot at the Animal Shelter near you and see if you can watch those animals go to be put down, See what you do. If your heart doesn't break you aren't human.

PS: I had to go back to the pound to pay for Ramone's tags and a guy had about 6 kittens to take in.  He was in tears, I told him to take them to a no kill shelter.  Oh yes, my new kitten is named Willow,

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