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Leo 6
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Man, I love that taste! And, if I’m diligent about gobbling my dinner really fast, then I’m sure to keep burping for hours on end! Ah, what a great way to revisit that gastronomic sensation!

Of course, it must be a quality brand of only the flakiest chunk white tuna, packed simply in water; who needs all that slimy oil covering up the truly delicate savory flavory finesse of fine finned fishiness?

My compliments to the human standing at the can opener. And to the energetic Korean grocer that keeps his shelves stocked right through to 2 a.m.

(And to the able wholesale distributor on whose route Mr. Kim conducts business. And to the agribusiness that spends enough on advertising to create that snappy jingle that convinces my owner to buy my favorite brand. And to the factory ship that’s probably right now tossing overboard the bycatch from their latest 25-ton tuna haul.)

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CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

Does Leo 6 know my daughter's cat Lucy? They must know each other because Lucy can only eat seafood. She can not tolerate anything else but "fancyfeast" seafood variety.

Anyway, if you want to get to know Lucy, read my hub, "When Grandmomma Tina Comes To Visit- a Cat's Perspective". I also have done a tribute hub to my friend's cat who lived 18 years long, called "A Tribute To Richard the Cat". Read them and tell me what you think. I thoroughly enjoy your Leo lineage. I wonder what their royal crowns would look like (they might as well be King of the jungle)

rickzimmerman profile image

rickzimmerman 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio Author

CM: Thanks for the comment; I'll be checking out both your hubs. The Leo lineage is based, perhaps obviously, on a nearly life-long series of cats, each with their own personalities and foibles. Rater than settle for King of the Jungle, I think Leo prefers 'King of the World!'.

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