Getting to know a stray cat's true personality.


CT as I wrote in my first hub, Living with Cats, was a stray kitty that made friends with our old white Tom. Tommy passed away a few years ago. CT remained. As our twin terrors, I say with much love, did not want her any where near the house, CT moved into the shop area of the garage. There she seemed content with her bedding, chair, cat pole and litter pan though I kept thinking she was lonely. In the evening when Gary came home, she would follow him around the yard, or sit in the yard and chirp at me to feed her. CT does not actually meow. She chirps. CT would only let me pick her up on occasion.

We moved CT into the house recently when she developed a abscess under her chin. We do not know how she received it. CT is more of a lover not a fighter. Gary thinks she rubbed on rough wood and received a splinter in her chin that abscess. Anyway we have tried to move her into the house several times over the years with out success. The abscess with the resulting kidney problems took the decision to move her into the house away from her and the twins.

We told the twins, Tex and Tymm, red tabbies, that CT was moving into the house and they were not to hassle her as she was very ill. Antibiotics twice a day, plus fluids and a special low protein diet. We where feeding her baby food. To our surprise, the twins did not fuss at the guest room door, did not try to get in, and if they did follow one of us in, they did not hiss, growl, or even eat her food. They would just look at her and than walk back out. Truly amazed us. I swear they understand more than we think they do.

Little CT is doing very well now that she has recovered from her illness. To our surprise we have discovered that she is very much a house cat. When CT was feeling better we began to leave the door open to see what the 3 of them would do. The door at first was only open when we were around to supervise. We did not trust the twins. To our surprise and delight, CT came out and looked around the house. The twins just watched her. After her little walk, she laid down in the doorway to "her" room. Than she used the twin's litter pan instead of her own, kinda like saying I'm here. The twin's didn't react at all.

CT now lays around in the dinning room, living room, and follows us around the house. CT does not want to go outside. This has been a surprised to us. She will lay by the back door and look out. She will even sit beside Tymm to look out, but she will not cross the threshold to go outside. We think she must have been a indoor only cat originally, and for some reason was either put outside or ran outside because she was freighten and could not find her way home. Though we never did see any posting for someone searching for her.

As we get to know CT better we have begun to get angry that someone would ever let her outside. Including us. CT does not hear well, she also seems to have poor eyesight, is a bit clumsy and is easily frighten. This little kitty should never have been outside ever. She didn't even understand that the mouse that took up residence in the shop was prey. I swear she thought it was another kitty.

We are truly amazed at how adaptable CT is. For this little kitty to adapt first to our basement and make friends with Tommy, than move into the shop, and finally the house, than to the construction we have been doing has truly impressed us.

We have been having our kitchen updated. I close the door to her room when the workers are here. She is much calmer when the door is closed. Unfortunately that did not work one evening when we were having dinner, she was out with us, and the workers arrived unannounced at the back door to make an adjustment. Poor CT freaked, started to run for her room, than saw that the back door was open, these 3 big men were coming in with all this equipment, and out she went running for all she was worth. We were very angry. It took us two hours to find her. My husband went down in the basement, one of her past refuges when she was a outdoor cat, sat and called to her quietly, I was searching the garage. She finally came out for him from under the stairs. CT is dusty colored with chocolate ears, face and legs. She is very hard to see in the dark. Our General Contractor who I had called to complain, called back 3 times that night to find out if we found her, and followed up with the subcontractors manager about the unannounced visit. Our General even brought her a new Catnip toy the next day. She loved it and guarded it from the twins all evening.

CT moved herself into our room the day they sprayed a new finish on the kitchen cabinets. It was uncanny. I swear she knew we needed to move her out of her room for this part of the job. The contractor needed to seal off the kitchen from the rest of the house. The fumes might be toxic to small animals, so he did not want her or the twins near the kitchen area for 24 hours. CT moved herself the night before and was perfectly happy in our bedroom till it was safe for them to go back in the kitchen. They all seemed to know when it would be OK. Tex went through the plastic at 4:30 in the morning. I heard him. We had left the back door open and a fan blowing all night to get the fumes out and he decided it was time to go through. His sister followed 30 minutes later. Heard her too. CT didn't go in the kitchen till we where up, and I removed the remainder of the plastic covering the doorway into the kitchen. Than she followed me in and sat down at her spot for breakfast.

CT's newest change was yesterday. I told her Gary and I were going to take a nap, and asked her if she wanted to come too? She followed Gary into our bedroom and thought it about it for awhile, purring the whole time. She finally jumped up and laid down beside him. Purred the whole time. A very happy kitty.

All of them are doing very well together. The 3 of them eat together. She and Tymm will even try to eat from the same plate at the same time. Don't even growl at each other. If someone had told me a year ago that they would be hanging out together I would not have believed them. In the evening they have all been sleeping in the living room with us, not together, but line of sight. Still this is to us an amazing improvement in their relationship from just a few months ago. CT also spends as much of her day as she can sleeping next to me. For a kitty that a few months before didn't seem to like me, she has become my best buddy. Even with the asthma medication I give her twice a day. I'm writing another hub about CT's asthma," My cat has asthma."

We have also discovered that CT plays with everything. Catnip mice, balls, rubber bands, (I take those away when I catch her) and balls of paper. She bats them all around, picks the toy up and takes it to another room to play, and tries to get one of the twins to play with her. Tex seems to be willing to rough house, but as Tex is 20 lbs to CT's 10, CT seems to have her doubts about that. CT is trying to get Tymm to play soccer with her. Tymm at 15 lbs seems to be more doable.

Living with Cats always seem to bring changes. It amazes me how easy it is to have a cat adjust to changes. The adjustment isn't over night, but they will adjust as long as they trust us that no real harm will come to them.

We love them, they bring a lot of joy to our lives.

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