Life with a Papillion

Our Papillion and His Reaction to the New Baby

Papillions are extremely beautiful, elegant dogs. Pronounced Pap-eee-yawn, the word is French for butterfly, because of their butterfly like ears. The Papillion is one of the oldest breeds of dog, going back 700 years.

I have a three year old Papillion named Disney. He is gorgeous. He does bark, sometimes excessively, at squirrels, neighbors, anything he considers to be in his territory. When Disney came into the house he was a tiny puppy, we had a five year old and an eleven year old. My five year old dubbed him the puppy-yawn and they ran around the house together for hours, wearing each other out. I never worried about them together.

Ten months ago I had another baby. I was worried at how the dog would adapt. He was the baby of the family. He was coddled and loved and given tons of attention. At first he tried to take over all of the baby's things, if it was hers, he wanted it! See the picture up above where he is hording the baby's things. Now they play together all the time, if you see one you see the other. The baby has grabbed his ears and pulled his hair, he will yelp until I rescue him, he has never shown a bit of anger at her or snapped at her.

Disney used to follow us all around the house. He does that much less now because he's so preoccupied with the baby. If she's in the playpen he is sitting just outside of it. If she's in the bouncer he's under her feet. I have to make him move because she's stepping all over him! They weigh about the same amount right now.

Papillions are a tiny breed. Ours is considered to be big, he's 14 lbs. Because of their size and fine bone structure, Papillions are delicate. People are supposed to be careful with them, they could break fragile bones. They aren't really recommended for small children, but one arrived and they are doing fabulous together. Disney has never been hurt. His ability to jump is simply amazing, all Papillions can jump really high.

Disney has no fear of bigger dogs, it seems that he has no idea how small he really is. That has only gotten him in trouble once so far, when a large dog grabbed him and shook him by the neck, it was terrifying.

I don't know if this is a Papillion trait or not, but Disney seems to have some unusual tastes in food, or nonfood, I should say. He likes to eat pacifiers, he can smell them from a mile away. He will tip over diaper bags and purses and try to get into pockets to get to the pacifier and eat the silicone nipple. It's insane. He also loves baby formula and bottles are nearly irresistible to him, as are the containers of powdered formula.  Pencils have to be put up or he will chew them up.  He seems to like to chew on wood.  He does not chew shoes or furniture.  He has stopped touching any of the baby's toys or other items (besides pacifiers and bottles).  He understands now that these things are hers.

Disney is a very smart dog, he understands commands and usually obeys them. The bigger you are, the more he obeys you.  He is eager to please and just so cute. He would play fetch all day if you let him.  We have had no health issues with him whatsoever. He hates the rain, which I understand is a Papillion trait, but loves the snow. He prances instead of walks. He's a fun little guy to have around.

If you are considering getting a Papillion I say go for it. It's quite rewarding. Papillions are playful as well as loving. Disney has become a huge part of the family.

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breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Hr sounds a and looks adorable. I am always a little squeamish about mixing dogs and babies, but things seemed to have worked out well in your case. Good luck with baby and dog!

Connie 6 years ago

Great story and I agree My husband bought me one for Christmas after searching for one for several months.She has made us so happy that I bought him one. They are unbelievabley pleasing. I can not remember any thing that has brought me more happiness.

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