Loss of House Training and Heart Disease is Common in Senior Dogs


Loss of house training - some dogs lose their ability to go outside to eliminate waste when they get older. This could be a sign of a medical problem. Some such problems as the holding it in for long periods of time are just too painful and they must go right away so they go in the house even though they know they need to go outside. You can help your vet with a diagnosis by writing down as much as possible about when the accidents occur and how often they occur and if there's a situation involved such as there is a child around or another dog present, when you had been gone for a long period of time or if it just happened. The vet will use this information in helping her diagnosis what is wrong with your aging pet.

Heart disease - such as congestive heart failure is much more common in elder dogs than in the younger dogs. Some dogs with heart disease will progress to heart failure while other dogs will never progress to heart failure and will stay at heart disease for the rest of their lives if treated properly. Doing something about heart disease is necessary in the prevention of heart failure. By supporting the heart and maintaining normal cardiovascular hemodynamic, these are medications that some doctors recommend, but they also have a variety of side effects.

One of the home remedies for heart disease is Omega-3 fatty fish acids which are basically fish oils. Other supplements to try and include co-enzyme Q-10, hawthorn, carnitine and taurine, and talk to your veterinarian about using these supplements, plus have your dog rechecked every three to six months

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thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

great hub story well explained

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