May 3rd is National Specially-abled Pets Day!


There's something very special about the connection between a special needs pet and his/her owner. That's one of the reasons why, since 2006, May 3rd has been recognized as Specially-abled Pets Day (formerly Disabled Pets Day).

Have you ever had the privileged of caring for a special needs pet? In years gone by, it was much more common to have a disabled pet euthanized than to continue to care for it. It's true that disabled pets, some more than others, can require a lot of additional care in order to keep them healthy and happy. Still, many owners these days are forgoing euthanasia and instead deciding to care for their disabled pets. Just because an animal is specially-abled does not mean that they cannot still lead a happy, fulfilling life.

In fact, many pets seem to have an amazing ability to cope and move on after becoming disabled. These inspiring animals don't let things like disease, birth defects, or injuries hold them back!

Specially-abled Pets Day was created in order to celebrate these unique, heroic animals, and to bring awareness to disabled pets waiting for homes in shelters. If you're looking to adopt a new pet, don't pass by disabled animals simply because they are disabled. As long as you have the time and room in your heart, caring for these special animals can be infinitely rewarding. Specially-abled pets have just as much love to give as any other.

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