Mice Infestation in House - Are There Signs Of Mice In Your House?

Are Mice Infesting Your House?

Simply because mice are walking and breathing creatures, it doesn’t mean that you have to share your home with them. Mice carry diseases that can really be harmful to you and your family. They have diseases that could cause rabies or leptospirosis.

When you discover signs of a mouse infestation in house...You need to take action. I've put together some information that will assist you catching these sneaky critters in no time.

It's human nature to believe your whole house has a mouse infestation when you find your 1st mouse hiding in your kitchen pantry. Once that mouse leaps off the shelf and scampers across your kitchen floor you feel entirely violated. What boldness that mouse has pooping on my clean shelves. Kind of makes you want to clear out your whole house and start over again.

Before you bring in the moving crew, let's see how a mouse is likely to behave once it's found a way into your house. We know mice have very poor eyesight and are fairly shy in new surroundings. Or if you're in a hurry to just have the little pests gone...Here's 8 Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Mice that you can use right now!

Continuing on 1st, take a walk around the outside of your home and look for some possible entry points. Caulk all the holes including the little ones where you think [ a mouse can't get in there!] It Just so happens, a mouse can squeeze in a hole as small as the size of a pencil.

Another point of interest is that a mouse sometimes only ever ventures 15 to 20 feet from its nest over its lifetime. pretty boring life you think...Not for a mouse.

Equipped with that information it's time for you to find the nest. So, what does a mouse's nest look like? Search for a little pile of torn up paper, string, cotton and other assorted bits and pieces of stuff. It will have lots of little mouse poops mixed in with it, a certain sign of a mouse home. Once you've found the nest you'll know precisely where to put out some mouse traps.

I recommend buying spring loaded mouse snap traps and putting the traps out right along the walls around entire room where you found the nest or fresh poops. Make certain to put the traps directly flush against the wall. Mice typically like to walk along walls so they can feel their way around a room. What about bait? Peanut Butter or Vanilla Extract?

You don't need to set up traps in every room when you understand how far the average mouse travels. Using this bit of information will just about like result in a quick catch and problem resolution. Acting fast will ensure you don't have a mouse infestation in house!


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