Mini Bucking Bulls

Mini Bucking Bulls

Raising mini bucking bulls is just one way to create an income off these wonderful little mini breeds. The mini cattle are also a great source of beef and are the perfect size for children to start in cattle shows with. No matter your reason for owning one of these lovely little bulls they are definetley worthy of your time. They can be wonderful little pets and only require half the food and space of a regular sized bull.

Dexter Bulls

Dexter Bulls weigh between 750 and 1000lbs and grow between 38 and 44 inches. They are very docile and easily trainable, making them a good bull for breeding bucking bulls.

Miniature Hereford Bulls

Mini Hereford bulls weigh 700lbs on average and grow to approximately 40 inches. The original mini hereford got it start as a high school project and that was just the beginning.

Lowline Angus Bulls

Lowline Angus can weigh up to 1300lbs and can grow up to 44 inches. They are all black in color and make a nice addition to any mini bucking bull breeding program.

Lowline Angus Bucking Bull

Mini Zebu Bulls

Mini Zebu can definetly add a nice bump to your mini bucking bull stock. They weigh 200 to 500lbs and are between 26 and 38 inches tall.


Bucking Mini Zebu

From Bucking and Wild to Calm and Kind

Miniature Bucking Bulls

These are just a few of the many different breeds of mini bucking bulls. There are numerous crosses available too. Mini bulls are more docile and easier to raise then the average size bull making them more appealing to small acreage owners.

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