If You Keep a Miniture Donkey As A Pet On Your Farm, Check Special Requirements of The Law

miniature donkey
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miniature donkeys as pets


They are small, adorable, and if they have a friendly disposition, they can make great pets.  I am talking about miniature donkeys. These donkeys’s come in various colors, sex’s, and sizes which varies the price so if all you want is a pet; you would not have to buy the most expensive. It is recommended that you do your homework to decide exactly what you want in a miniature pet donkey. A young gelded jack might be bought for $300 to $600 while those bought for breeding stock can fetch $1500-$5000 for the popular colors, top quality donkeys, or proven bloodlines. Young jacks usually cost a little less.

But there may be restrictions against owning this type of animal so be sure to check with the codes in your city or county. Even land that used to be considered farm land has been changed to neighborhoods with restrictions that are against owning any type of farm animal.

Owning a miniature donkey requires some research as to their care and feeding. As with any pet, there may be special requirements.

Miniature donkeys are becoming more popular as more people are learning about this tiny little animal. They were originally imported from Sicily and Sardinia, Italy during the 1920’s. They were imported through the 1950’s and possibly the early 1960’s. A national registry was formed in 1958 and is still thriving.

To qualify as a miniature the donkey will measure 34” tall. There are miniature donkeys 30” and less in height but they will require more care and are more expensive. If you are buying a pet, size won’t be as important as if you were buying for breeding stock. Before you purchase your pet donkey, have a veterinarian look him over for overall health and for defects. If kept in good health, your miniature pet donkey will live 30 years and more.

If you plan on buying miniature donkeys to breed for profit, there are many considerations; so do your homework about the needs for each size, type, and color of miniature donkey to see which ones you want to raise. If you need questions answered or want to be referred to someone who can help you, contact the American Mule and Donkey Society P.O. Box 1210 Lewisville, Texas 75067

The Mule Capital of the World is located in Columbia, Tennessee where each year they have a parade and various activities. Most years the visitors during this event number 200,000 to 300,000. They have a special event called Mini Mania featuring miniature donkeys and miniature mules.

One of the most popular parts of the parade is the groups showing the miniature donkeys and mules. They are delightful to watch pulling their little wagons, carts, and some wearing their parade saddle and bridles. They are so cute you just want to have one of your very own.

 Owners can show their miniature donkeys and miniature mules and side by side, the mini donkeys and mules will perform. This is a way that the owners who are breeding for profit become well known in the area. Many a mule of all sizes have been bought and sold during Mule Day.



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RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

How cute that little guy in the pic is! Thanks for the info.

When is Mule Day in Columbia?

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anidae 5 years ago from Tennessee Author

I must not have clicked on the post comment button days ago. Thanks for visiting RTalloni and yes he is adorable. Mule Day is held usually sometime during the first week of April.I'm working on an article about that now.

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RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Looking forward to it that hub! :)

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anidae 5 years ago from Tennessee Author

Thanks for your comment.

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justmesuzanne 3 years ago from Texas

Good general miniature donkey info and referral to the ADMS! Here is their website address:

The American Donkey & Mule Society


Voted up and useful! :)

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