Minx Breed Cat

The Myth Of The Minx Breed Cat

The minx breed cat is a source of confusion not only among cat lovers, but among other people as well. Though the term “minx breed cat” is commonly used on the internet and in everyday conversation, the truth is that it is not actually a real cat breed! In reality, there is no such thing as a minx breed cat. The term refers to a commonly found crossbreed between two other types of cats.

Minx Breed Cat

Minx Breed Cat
Minx Breed Cat

Manx Plus Sphinx Equals Minx

The term “minx breed cat” generally refers to a first generation hybrid cat breed. The two kinds of cats that comprise the minx breed cat are the Manx cat and the sphinx cat. When these two cats breed, the product is a very unique animal. So unique, in fact, that people felt the need to make up a name for it!

The Manx—One Part Of The Whole

The Manx cat is very distinctive in its characteristics and its appearance. It is though to have originated on the Isle of Man, off the coast of England. Perhaps one of the qualities the breed is most known for being tailless. In fact, because the tailless gene is dominant, it is possible for one litter of kittens to contain kittens with tails, kittens without tails, kittens with short tails, and kittens with stumps.

Manx cats are very round in appearance, and the breed can have either long hair or short hair. This type of cat has a very sweet expression and is known for being very playful.

Part Two—The Sphinx

The made up “minx breed cat” is comprised not only of the Manx cat, but the Sphinx cat as well. The Sphinx breed is actually a mutation, and it was first discovered in 1966. The most distinctive character of the Sphinx cat is its hairlessness. Sphinx cats are also known for being very healthy, strong, and robust.

The Sphinx breed is very rare due to its being a mutation. These kinds of cats can be all different colors, and they love to be the center of attention.

A Cute Combo

Although the term “minx cat” is incorrectly used, it has come to refer to a very particular and attractive breed combination. While continued use of the term might lead people to believe that it is in fact the scientific name of an actual cat, there is no doubt that it refers to a cat hybrid that is rare, distinctive, and unique.

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jennifer carrollton ky 8 years ago

i recenyly got a ''minx'' and she is gorgeous and very playful. i also have a bobtail orange tiger stripe male tom and everytime he gets in the house he goes after her. she is about three months old i wonder if she is to young for reproduction?

kimberly 6 years ago

the cat is so cute ... what kind are they

g man 6 years ago

my nine month old is a devil cat. play,s rough; bites, claws , wakes you up at daybreak

penny 2 years ago

mine i about 5 months and ya he's a devil alright plays and he's rough bites claws and wakes me up at daybreak but i love him

Caro 2 years ago

A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the trulobe.

Mustafa 2 years ago

The expensive stuff, sold at the vet's offcie. It's worth the extra $$. I feed my cat Science Diet. He needs a perscription formula you can't get in stores because he has such a sensitive digestive system. Watch out for that wheat gluten ingredient that caused that scary pet food recall!Good Luck,Holly G.

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