Money Making Chickens

I started out not knowing a thing about chickens. I just wanted a few chickens to lay a few eggs for my family. But, the more I learned about chickens, the more I realized how much money you can make with them. A few examples are:

Selling Eggs

Selling Meat

Selling Chickens

I will walk you through some money making ideas.

The best part of a poultry business is you can make money from home.

Chickens are probably the easiest animal to take care of. It won't cost you a fortune to get started. Plus, this is a great project for the whole family.

Selling Eggs:

It won't be hard to find customers. Many people are looking for farm fresh eggs. You can put a few posters up at stores. Word of mouth is always the best advertising. Offer all your friends and family their first dozen free. They will be beating down your door to buy more. You can also sell eggs at farm markets. The government is also giving people on WIC vouchers for farm markets. So even the government is jumping on the farm fresh bandwagon.

TIP: Mix cracked corn with their feed. You can advertise rich in beta carotene.

Another way of selling eggs is online. If you have a rooster to fertilize the eggs you can sell hatching eggs on auction sites like or Ebay.

Selling Chickens:

If you have a rooster you can hatch your own chickens. This will make your investment a little lower. What I do is incubate and raise the chicks all winter. Then by spring you will have a whole stock of chickens. Don't forget to keep some of them for egg layers. Then take the rest to your local flea market or sale. I have seen a lot of people sell them on craigslist also. You can not mail live chickens unless you have a license.

I have found spring is the best time to sell chicks. But full grown chickens will sell almost anytime. Most people are looking for full grown chickens anyway. Most people don't like to mess with the chicks.

Selling Meat:

Bucthering chickens will require more of an investment. There are machines and equipment you will need to buy. Also, depending where you live local laws might require you to get licenseing to butcher. Even if you brought them to a butcher it can still get a little costly. The investment is worth it. Especially if you are looking to butcher for your family. Again, you will have the customers. People are really into the organic and free range chicken. This is also a good way to get rid of your older egg layers.

Chickens are a lot of fun to have around. They are inexpensive to raise. And people will do back flips to get your eggs and fresh chicken meat. Check your local ordinances chickens are allowed in most cities also.

Have Fun & Good Luck!!

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