Mourning Doves in the Snow on New Year's Day 2008 deedsphotos

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jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland

stunning pictures Ralph,beautiful birds,and a fantastic background, thanks for sharing them.....jimmy

I hope all of your wishes come true this new year Ralph for you and your loved ones

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 9 years ago Author

Thanks, Jimmy. Same to you and yours!

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Beautiful pictures..Here in the UK "London"we would be guaranteed snow every Christmas and i have not seen snow for agessss, and these pics brought back so many memories:)

Thanks and happy new year to you and yours:)

Iðunn 9 years ago

wonderful! I liked the 2nd and 4th pictures best~

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 9 years ago Author

Tnx for the comments. I agree, iounn, the 2nd and 4th pics are the best. Perhaps I should delete the others. Maybe I will if I get some more.

Iðunn 9 years ago

if you edit the 5th and just take a bit of gray off the top, it would be more whatever that word is that's like symmetry. balanced. you know. and of course, I say this as just a viewer - I have no background in photography or art. the third one was great too, but the fourth was just better.

I will say I love your photographs. you have a keen eye and a rare talent.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland

Picture 5 inspired me to write this haiku,Ralph, that I dedicate to our mutual friend Iðunn.

She stands alone shivering in the snow

Sadness bleeding from her soul

Mourning the death of her summer love


Iðunn 9 years ago

oh jimmy, now you've gone and made me cry. mourning doves, indeed. thank you. ((jimmy)) <---hugs

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 9 years ago Author

Iounn, I edited #5 and #2. Better?

Iðunn 9 years ago

don't hate me. five is better, but I liked two best the first way. I thought that one was perfect right from the start.

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 9 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

The photographs made me catch my breath. They are stunning! The feelings it evoked in me is of one of perfect harmony and quietude. Thanks for this!

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Great photos, Lot of people detest pigeons because they sh..t all over the buildings and you have to walk in it in shopping areas in parts of Australia.

We have had them breed in our patio, and in the gazebo. We wouldnt hurt them at all although I love parrots and finches best in my aviaries.

Chuck profile image

Chuck 9 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

Great pictures, Ralph. The snow looks great too and I miss it now - but by min-January I will again be happy to be living in sunny Arizona and put my nostalga for snow away until next December.

rogue nestling profile image

rogue nestling 9 years ago

Don't they have the most esquisite coloring, like they were drawn with pastels?

Beautiful pics.

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