Munchkin Cat Breed - Where to find Munchkin Kittens for Sale

Munchkin Cat  Breed - the perfect house cat
Munchkin Cat Breed - the perfect house cat | Source

Munchkin cats are becoming increasingly popular due to their adorable looks and being easy to look after, but what is the munchkin cat breed?

Munchkin Cat Breed

The Munchkin Cat has only been recognised for about twenty years or so and short legged kittens are formed by a naturally occurring gene that creates the characteristic short legs of the Munchkin.

The Munchkin is a healthy breed with not having any common ailments due to its size and so lives a long and happy life.

They are very playful cats and love human company, in fact almost demand it as they love being the centre of attention. Due to their playful nature, it can get them into trouble especially having such short legs as they are unable to escape easily. For this reason it is normally recommended to have them as house pets where they’ll be safer from larger prey.

Where can you find Munchkin Kittens for sale?

Munchkin cats are highly sought after so it can be difficult finding a breeder. The best place to look is on the internet at the carious cat breeding sites available and can cost around $600.

When you go to the breeder to look at the kittens, do also pay attention to the parents. To have a friendly, sociable kitten the parents should also be friendly and take an interest in you, but also look out for nervousness as this can be passed on.
When you have decided to have a kitten, do make sure it has been litter trained and had its full course of inoculations.

Having a Munchkin cat will make a great companion are make the most perfect indoor cat that you’ll ever want.


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