My Bulldog Bentley Possibly the Cutest Dog In The Entire World

Baby Bentley

Getting Bentley

We have always had at least 3 dogs in our house at all times. When my son Rhett left for college he missed having a dog around so in March 2013 we purchased a little English Bulldog that Rhett named Bentley. Bentley went to Oklahoma State University with Rhett for the remainder of the school year then came home for the summer. During that summer both my husband and I fell madly and deeply in love with the little burping, farting, fireplug of a dog.

In 2012 my husband suffered complete renal failure and wasn't a happy camper for a long time. He had to fight to keep his job as a firefighter and was required to do daily dialysis. He was tired all the time and the stress he was feeling was palatable. I rarely saw him smile, until Bentley arrived. That little buddy brought the smile back to my husband's face. At the end of the summer our son sadly had to go back to Stillwater without his dog. We just couldn't let go of him.

Bulldogs are funny

I truly believe that when God created bulldogs he was only thinking of one thing, "How can I make even the most grumpy person happy?" He achieved this by creating bulldogs. You can't look at him without smiling I don't care who you are. Adults and children alike love him and can't help but laugh out loud at his antics. He randomly gets bursts of energy, tucks his little butt, and runs as fast as he can-for about 15 seconds before he gets T-tuckered out. He is very patient and doesn't mind when my little Chihuahua uses him for a chew toy but at the same time will launch himself at out Great Dane in an attempt to knock him down when they are playing. He uses his size and low center of gravity to his advantage. He is the Henry Houdini of dogs and consistently gets himself into places where he shouldn't be. A great example of this is when he somehow breaches the fence I have had to put around my flower beds to keep him out. He can get himself in, but he can't get out. I was able to catch one of his escapades on video where you can see him "running for his life" after he gets out.

Bentley at School

I teach fifth grade. I took Bentley to school with me once when we first got him and everyone enjoyed him so much he became a permanent feature in my classroom this year. My fifth graders absolutely loved him and couldn't do enough for him. They argued over who got to feed him, walk him down the halls, and even take him outside! We had to set up a chart that listed the daily "Bentley's Buddies" just to keep the peace.

Bentley did awesome in the classroom. He was pretty quiet and never interrupted during lessons. He liked to wander around the room and would fall asleep under random student's desks. During the first day or two he was a distraction but once the students got used to him he just became another kid in the class. Outside of our classroom was another story. The smaller children at school went nuts every time they saw him and he always had a nice slobbery kiss for each and every one of them.

Bentley did a lot more for the students at school then just being a cutie pie. He was a great motivator for students who were reluctant to read. He would sit calmly next to them as they read to him. He never corrected them, was an avid listener, and was always an eager participant. It went that way for math too. I had students ask if they could "sit by Bentley" so they could get their work done. He made a huge impact. One of my students with learning disabilities increased his reading level by 400 points by using Bentley as a reading buddy.

Bentley also had a calming effect on several of the students who had various disabilities. The event that sticks out most prominently in my mind is when I was approached by two fourth grade girls when my fifth graders were going to the playground. They were clearly upset and asked for help. One exceptional fourth grade girl with extreme disabilities was refusing to leave the playground. She was aggressive with the smaller children on the playground and no one was having any success with calming her down and getting her to leave. When we got outside I simply walked up to her and said, "Bentley is here and if you will calm down and go inside I will bring him to your classroom later." She immediately stopped her negative behavior, ran off of the playground, and went into the building. Bentley saved the day just by being there.


I don't know what we would do without our Bentley. He really is a bundle of joy and one of the best things that have ever happened to my family. If you are thinking of getting a bulldog for your family as a pet do it. They have some health issues, burp and fart a lot, but will bring you so much happiness that those things won't matter. Bulldogs are God's little clowns-created to spread laughter wherever they go.

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DrMark1961 profile image

DrMark1961 2 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

Great story! Every teacher should have a dog like him in the classroom. Is he the cutest dog ever? Well, he ranks up there. I really enjoyed the pictures.


mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 2 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thanks so much. I agree every classroom should have one.

JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 2 years ago from Deep South, USA

Bentley is adorable! He looks so huggable. I loved your descriptions of his laid-back behavior. And your photos are marvelous. You have enough to make your own Bentley calendar.

Voted Up++


mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 2 years ago from Oklahoma Author

This is my first hub in a few years and I had to write about my little buddy. He is such a great guy and makes people happy.

JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 2 years ago from Deep South, USA

Just looking at his photos makes me smile....

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 2 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Bentley has that effect on people

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

He definitely is adorable. I like the idea of taking a dog to the classroom. There are so many things he can teach these children. Patience, love, responsibility, how to play. You take wonderful photos. I reading and looking at your wonderful photos.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 2 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thank you so much. Bentley was definitely an asset in the classroom. The children's behavior was wonderful and when there was a child having a melt down in the school he was always able to get them to refocus. I truly believe that animals and education go hand in hand.

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