My Dog a Year After Leg Amputation Due to Bone Cancer

Wiggles the Dog Relaxing

Wiggles the Dog Relaxing
Wiggles the Dog Relaxing

A Year After Her Amputation

Wiggles the dog was diagnosed with a bone tumor in her front right leg last year. When we were researching whether or not we should have her leg amputated, I saw a lot of web pages devoted to how dogs can do well and live fully after having a leg amputated; however, I didn't find many videos or stories that talked about dogs surviving from bone cancer over a year after their amputation. Therefore, I am sharing this story and video about Wiggles. Her front leg amputation was almost 13 months ago. She is doing extremely well! We think she is 12 or 13 years old, and she is still running and playing. She is loving life. And, knock on wood, she seems perfectly healthy.

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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Last night on TV I saw a dog that had a leg amputated after finding cancer and the couple sold their business and home and took off with the dog and he did live a good while, maybe a couple of years, but finally two spots came back and they had medicine to kill his pain when it would eventually come, until they knew it was time to take him to the Vet to end his misery. So it is possible since he still felt good at this time he had maybe three years overall after the amputation. I think he was sort of a collie type dog and he exercise very much. Wish I could remember more so you could find the story. If I get time I will look some later.

Thanks for sharing, my cat is 17 and her time is drawing near I feel.

profile image

Tripawds 5 years ago

Heeeey there! Wiggles, congrats on living such a long great life! May you have a long, long time head of you. If you ever have questions or just want to say hi, come visit my community for three-legged dogs,! What kind of bone cancer do you have Wiggles? You didn't say.

Many of our members, including yours truly, beat the odds and lived far longer than doctors said we would, even those of us with Osteosarcoma, a very aggressive type of bone cancer. I lived two great years after my diagnosis but many dogs have lived longer, up to four years! Our community is filled with examples, it can definitely happen. We hope that you are one of these very fortunate pups too Wiggles!

It's so funny that Pollyanalana wrote because she's talking about meeeeeee! I'm so hoppy you watched the show I was in, thank you! Wiggles, come watch. It's called "Why We Love Cats & Dogs" and here is a link if you want to watch online (it's an hour but totally worth it):

I was a German Shepherd / Collie mix, and yes, we traveled and loved life together right up until the very end. My folks miss me lots but they know my spirit lives on at Tripawds. Hope to see you both there! xoxo

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Tripawds 5 years ago

OMD Wiggles I'm so embarrassed, I just realized we already "met" here! Doh! Hoppy Ampuversary though! I hope you got lots of treats and had tons of fun when you celebrated.

Kiri Francy profile image

Kiri Francy 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you for the comments, info, and well wishes Pollyannalana and Tripawds! Wiggles had Osteosarcoma, so it's good to hear that others have done well with the same type of cancer. We will definitely watch the show and share the link with others.

Mary Ridenhour 3 years ago

My dog, Buddy, an older Golden Retriever, is about to be six months post-op of a left front leg, amputated due to osteosarcoma. He's doing great. I give him a lot of holistic additives and anti-cancer natural remedies in his food. He's a miracle. I'm not sure of his age, since he's a rescue, but he's approximately 11 years old. He rides in the car, plays with the grandkids, enjoys every minute of every day.

Kiri Francy profile image

Kiri Francy 3 years ago from USA Author

Hi Mary, it's great to hear that Buddy is doing well. It's so inspirational to see how dogs take it all in stride and keep enjoying life to the fullest.

Barbara 2 years ago

We are facing the difficult decision of amputation for our 11yr old lab...she has been dx with osteosarcoma of the upper left leg...I have been agonizing over what is the best thing to do....after reading several of your posts, I am feeling a bit more resolved to having our dear doggie go through this major surgery....thank you for taking the time to share your dog's story...they are inspirational to hear.

Kiri Francy profile image

Kiri Francy 2 years ago from USA Author

Barbara, I wish you and your dog the best! People who met my dog always said she was inspirational. She embraced life with 3 legs, just as she did with 4. If you haven't already, also check out the site of one of the commenters above: There is so much useful info on their site.

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