My Little Babies Are Four Months Old

YAY! I am such a genius!, Or I would be if it hadn't taken me so long to think of this...I finally solved the problem of uploading pictures. I just upload the pictures to my facebook account, save image as (it then gets saved as a download) then upload from my downloads into whatever hub I want them in. Instant upload...Problem solved.

tigger, with the little heart shaped spot on his feet
tigger, with the little heart shaped spot on his feet
Alvin, who says "Me-eh?"
Alvin, who says "Me-eh?"
Theo and Simon, Thoe's pattern always reminds me of a bengal kitty
Theo and Simon, Thoe's pattern always reminds me of a bengal kitty
Theo's pattern up close
Theo's pattern up close

Kittens Grow Up

I apologize for not having photos of my little ones. As usual, I can't seem to upload them. If it were pictures from the internet they would upload in a heartbeat...My pictures? for some reason almost always fail to upload. So, I will try again later, for now...On with my hub.

My little ones are four months old now and getting big. Big enough that I was thinking they were six months old. When I sat down to write this hub, I counted back to when I brought them home and was surprised they were only four months. They spend most of theri time in the bathroom, as it is a large room, and they cannot damage it. Khalia isn't allowed to stay with her brothers as they are old enough to mate now.

Every time I go to the bathroom, I am covered in kitties. They talk to me, (Alvin has the most adorable little "Me-eh"?), they lick and chew my fingers, play "cowboys and indians" with my pants acting as the fort, try to see if they can all climb into my lap at the same time, whoever doesn't make it onto the lap has to go up onto my shoulders or the top of my head. they kiss my lips by pressing their lips hard on mine then smearing to the side. they bathe my cheeks and chin or ear or arms or hands or whatever is nearest. Honestly, I have never in my life been around kittens so determined to show me how much they love me, every second that I am in there. I snuggle with them, cradle them, rock them, sing to them, talk to them, laugh with them, play with them.

Sometimes when I open the bathroom door they will make a mad dash down the hall. It is funny though, because if I don't go chasing after them, but go into the bathroom instead, pretty soon, I hear them crying outside the door, asking to be let back in. So I open the door and they will dash in and start rubbing on my legs meowing at me. Other days when we can keep the other cats contained for a bit, we can let them have the run of the trailer for awhile...And they have a blast. Soon, they will be going outside. I am making a run, attached to the old trailer where the outdoor cats have one of the bedrooms sealed off. It is entered in by a cat door, and has a radiator heater that sits in a cage and keeps the room warm during the winter. This way the kittens will have more room to run and play. The other cats know not to run, they stay near the house, but they also must go in the run, otherwise they will not be able to access the room and food.

I was told by a woman who I think feels I have to many cats, that I should adopt the kittens out. I thought about it. What was best for the kittens. They have all their shots. They have plenty to eat. They are in no way a burden to me. So it all boils down to what would make the kittens happiest. These babies have never been separated from each other. I am the only mother they know right now. If I took them out into the world, they would be very frightened. People would frighten them. I could not guarantee they would go to good homes...people will tell you anything to get what they want.

I have decided that the kittens are best off left here in my care. they are happiest here. I know them. I am willing to provide for them know matter what. I don't care if people think of me as a crazy cat lady. I know what is important to me. Compared to the love I receive, what does it matter what others think of me? It is ironic...I want to share them with the world, but can't bring myself to do just that...So I am left to sharing them via my hubs.

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Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

ALL UPS, MY FRIEND!!!!! I love the way you've described the relationship you have w/the kittens and the care you give to all your cats...I could have written this; because this is the loving way in which my kitties and I relate. So loving and beautiful. They know you ... they are safe with you and secure. You have made the right choice..who cares what others might think? You understand your cats' needs. We always keep families together...for life. I can't think of anything more heart breaking than the sight of little kids sitting in front of huge chain stores, giving away screaming kittens to strangers where there is no guarantee; no background check and no assurance that the kitten(s) will be well cared for. so, they are handed off into the unknown, separated from their familiar family and home, to who knows what. If we come upon a situation like Smoky' already pregnant cat (ours are ALL spayed and neutered so this doesn't happen but....) we keep the family intact and then, when kittens are old enough; of course, spay mama and schedule the procedures for kittens. You have an amazing heart, tim....

Of course, there are the situations where people cannot keep all the kittens, cats, puppies, dogs they rescue or when their companion has kittens or puppies...of course...I don't mean to question or lecture...but, for those who can..I say YES!!!!!

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

no, not everyone is able to do it the way they would desire to. in that you and i are blessed very richly. my heart is protected...i dont have to break it :o)...they are protected, i dont have to break their hearts, frighten them, send them into the unknown. sure they "MIGHT" have a wonderful life...but the chances nowadays of that in this world are like20% chance they will have the perfect homes and 80% chance something will go bad and they will lose their homes or be neglected or abused or end up stressed and unhappy or fearful in them.

thank you LuckyCats for coming by...have a wonderful blessed day ful of warm kitty snuggles.

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

how sweet... I too am a cat lover.. I love the way described..... :-)

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

thank you sneha sunny, i am glad you enjoyed. thank you for coming by and i hope you have a wonderful night.

Chris Achilleos profile image

Chris Achilleos 4 years ago

There all so cute :)

tlmcgaa70 profile image

tlmcgaa70 4 years ago from south dakota, usa Author

i agree completely...thank you Chris, for stopping by to read and comment, have a great day.

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