My Cats Are From Egypt


The History of Cats

For thousands of years the cat (felis silvestris catus) has been associated with humans. The cat originally comes from Asia. Millions of years ago the cat emigrated from Asia to Africa and about 3500 years ago the first tame cats were to be found in Egypt. In the beginning people used cats as hunters to keep rats and mice away. Eventually cats got a higher status and the Egyptians considered cats as holy. When cats died they even embalmed them and brought them to Bast, the cat goddess.

Traveling salesmen brought the cat from Egypt to Italy and the cat spread in Europe. These cats were short coated. The long coated cats came to Europe from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan in the 16th century. As time went by the cat's status changed and the medieval christian church began to associate cats with the devil. During this time, many cats were burned and tortured. In the 17th century the first cats came to America from Europe with the first settlers. Not until 18th century the cat was fully accepted again and people rediscovered its ability to catch rats. The next century cats were a common sight in households. At this time, the breeding of cats began and the first breeds came up. There are approximately 40 different breeds of domestic cats. The breeds are divided into three different groups: long haired cats, middle-long haired cats and short haired cats. There are many criteria for how a cat should look if you intend to show it at a cat exhibition. I prefer cats as company and then it doesn't matter what they look like.

My Cats

I'm happy to be a cat owner. Or perhaps it's wrong to say that you can own a cat, because cats are normally very independent, at least my two cats*.

I have one normal sized cat that is black and white. It looks like she wears a black cardigan and her stomach is white. Her name is Tussan, which is a typical Swedish name for a cat. My other cat, Tyson, is big. And I mean BIG. He's also Tussan's big brother. They are not similar at all. Tyson's tail, back and head is yellow. The rest is white. They also have different personalities. As they were little they were fighting with each other all the time. They ran around everywhere in me and my partner's apartment. They opened closets and cabinets and went in there to sleep or just to make a mess of all the things. But I loved them anyway.

Now since they are older they have calmed down. They hardly fight at all and they seem happier, maybe because we moved and they now can be outdoors. There are mostly forest around our house and the cats really enjoy being outside in the nature. They just lie in the sun or follow me when I'm outside. They are very social, but as I said before, they are also different. Tyson is the lazy one. He doesn't bother to catch the flies. He's just watching what everybody else does. Tussan on the other hand are catching mice and lurking on everything that moves.

My cats are both pretty cuddly. Tyson sometimes lies on the table next to me and wants me to cuddly with him. Yes, he's doing it right now as I'm sitting here and writing. When he doesn't get any attention from me, he stands up and walks in front of me and waves his tale in my face. At nights when I'm asleep he wakes me up when he wants to cuddle and I have to push him away several times until he finally realizes that I want to sleep. Tussan is also cuddly, but on a more "normal" level. She often lies next to my feet at night. Tussan and Tyson are very social when they want to be social, but I can never decide that I want to hold them when they don' want that. They are pretty smart and independent.

My cats are eating a lot and Tyson just won't get thinner even though he spends his time outside. I have seen him running, but most of the time he's just lazy. The first thing Tyson does when he gets inside, is to go to his eating bowl for yet another meal. Tussan always has to wait for her turn. When it comes to eating Tyson is the boss. And when Tussan finds a place to sleep, Tyson sometimes takes her place and she has to move. Since they became outdoor cats that has changed a lot. I think they enjoy their big space now and the fact that they don't have to compete about their territory anymore.

I guess and hope that I have given my two cats a good life. They were born in a shelter for homeless cats. There were actually no place for them there so they were in a "foster home" until I bought them. There Tussan and Tyson lived with their mum and their two siblings on a few square metres. I wonder what would have happened to them if I hadn't bought them. My cats are the craziest, cuddliest and cutest cats in the world. I never regret that I got them. And I'm pretty sure they have a good life, because they seemto be happy. Maybe they are as happy as the cats in Egypt were once upon a time.

*I have more cats now.

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J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

What an interesting history of cats! I never knew how they got here. You have beautiful cats! It's funny how they are siblings but so completely opposite. This is a great Hub! Voting Up and other stuff! Nice job! Your cats are very lucky to have you.


Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you so much. I couldn't imagine my life without cats. I'd like to have more animals, but right now I have so much else taking up my time. In a few years I can see myself with some sheep and hens - and of cours a couple of cats. :)

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

Egyptians revered cats. In the ancient time there was even death penalty for killing a cat.

This is very interesting article.

lafamillia profile image

lafamillia 4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

In Serbia, those are the most popular ones...

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Vinaya, I'm glad you found my hub interesting.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

I appreciate your comment, lafamillia.

Dahlia Flower profile image

Dahlia Flower 4 years ago from Canada

I really enjoyed your article. You sound like a wonderful human for your cats to own. Voted up and awesome.

Made profile image

Made 4 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you Dahlia Flower. I really appreciate your comment and voting. :)

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