Natural Dog Flea Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention

Ohhh, the agony of dog fleas. I wager that almost every dog lover has spent an anguished night watching their beloved pet scratch himself silly. It can be one of the most helpless feelings. You realize that your pet is in discomfort but there is nothing much you can do. You feel some tremendous guilt over not paying more attention to the first few small scratches the day before. You admonish yourself about being too busy the day before and you feel that your selfishness will now result in an evening of discomfort for your pet and guilt, if not itching for yourself.

Of course, you can apply a commercially available flea ointment but you might have to wait until the vets office opens in the morning and even then, it will take a day or two for your pet to feel relief. You can immediately apply a homeopathic remedy like olive oil or baby powder but those remedies can be messy and often require more than one treatment.

The best way to get rid of dog fleas is to prevent fleas. A wee bit of flea prevention goes a long way. In hindsight this becomes obvious.

Dog Fleas Are a Serious Dog Health Problem

A single dog flea can rapidly multipy into a serious problem for your dog.
A single dog flea can rapidly multipy into a serious problem for your dog.

All Natural Flea Prevention

A little flea prevention can go a long way to ensuring the comfort and health of your dog. There are assorted commercially available flea prevention tools. These tools include preventative medication and ointments and commercially produced flea collars. Speak to your veterinarian about the different options available.

For those pet owners that would prefer to take a more natural approach towards flea prevention, there are also a number of different options. These natural flea prevention options include adding a supplement to your dogs food, making an all natural flea collar, or adding natural flea predators your your yard.

Perhaps the easiest and most common form of natural flea prevention is to feed your dog a bit of garlic. The ingested garlic causes your dog to emit an odor that repels fleas. You can give your dog a garlic supplement or simply add a wee bit of crushed garlic to his or her food. Before you start feeding garlic to your dog, you should speak to your vet about the appropriate quantities as certain quantities of garlic can cause toxicity to your dog.

Another easy method to prevent fleas naturally is to make an all natural flea collar. Take a bandanna or a webbed dog collar and sprinkle it with citronella oil. The citronella oil is a natural flea repellent. You will need to reapply the citronella oil to the bandanna or collar every 2-3 days to keep up it's effectiveness. Other essential oils can also work to the same effect. These other oils include essence of lavender.

There are also additions you can make to your dog's outdoor environment.  You can actually reduce the amount of dog fleas in your yard.  It's an excellent idea to add a Purple Martin house to your backyard. Purple Martin's love to eat fleas. For every Purple Martin you can attract you your backyard, the fewer dog fleas will exist in your backyard. A dding a bird house to your backyard is not likely to eliminate all the potential fleas but it will certainly reduce the amount of fleas.

Once your dog has dog fleas, it can be a real hassle to get rid of them. Fleas are a serious discomfort to your pet and pose a major health problem. The house cleaning alone is a major hassle. Isn't it better to employ a few all natural flea prevention techniques?

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IslandVoice profile image

IslandVoice 6 years ago from Hawaii

I never knew about the natural methods and treatments for dog fleas, and with so many dogs at one time, it was a headache trying to control them pests. We had a good Vet who gave all our dogs fleas shots, and that took care of it. I never really knew what it was. Thanks for this informative hub.

greg austin profile image

greg austin 6 years ago from Canada Author

Island Voice,

That was the fastest comment ever. Finding a good vet that you like and trust is one of the most important things you can do. Thanks for your comment.

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