Natural Flea Repellent Treatments for Pets

Controlling Fleas

Anyone who has ever owned a dog or cat knows that they are subject to catching fleas. Your pets are particularly prone to flea infestation, if they are indoor/outdoor pets. Fleas are parasites that carry diseases such as tapeworms, dermatitis and bacterial diseases and flea bites are painful and annoying.

Once a flea gets on your pet, it begins to quickly reproduce and can infest your yard, home and your family. Now you are faced with the major task of ridding your home of fleas. It is so much easier to prevent your pet from getting fleas, then having and infestation. Once they get in the house now you have to treat the pets and your home.

Natural Flea Control

As far as I am concerned, natural flea control, is the only way to treat your pets. Even the best products use insecticides, which is not healthy for your pets. You can also find green products in your neighborhood healthy food stores.

There are many products on the market which treat tick and fleas, but the truth of the matter is, though effective, these pesticides are toxic to your pets. If you are looking for alternative ways to treat your pets for fleas, you will be excited to know that there holistic ways to get control fleas. There are many new natural pest control products on the market now.

Home Made Flea Repellent

You can make your own natural flea repellent with lemons. Yes, lemons! There is a product on the market, called Only Natural, that uses lemon grass as one of the ingredients in their treatment for parasites. If you don't mind doing little work, you can save a few dollars doing it yourself.

Cut up two or three fresh lemons and add 21/2 cups of water to a sauce pan. Bring the lemons and water to a boil, lower the heat and let simmer for about 45 minutes. Let the solution cool and put into a spray bottle and spay your cat, or dog on a regular basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas

Apple cider vinegaris can be found in most home pantries and is also effective as a natural flea repellent.

Prepare a 50/50 solution of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray your pet as needed. Be careful not to spray sensitive areas of you pet, such as eyes, nose and area where there is an open wound or scratch. Check regularly for signs of fleas

Fleas Hate Garlic

Garlic is not only healthy for your pet it is a great repellent against fleas. You can use fresh garlic as a natural flea repellent, by adding it to your pets food. Garlic cases you pets blood to taste badly to fleas. The fleas take one bite and jump off.  Use sparingly and short-termed garlic can cause anemia in cats.

Skin so Soft to Control Fleas

Believe it or not, Avon's Skin so Soft is not just for the bath, but is very effective in repelling fleas naturally. It also works well in repelling mosquitoes on humans.

To use Skin So Soft as a repellent for fleas, put some on a bandanna or cloth collar and place it around your dogs neck and in minutes you will see fleas begin to jump of your pet.

Natural Flea Control

Natural Flea Control Products

Only Natural is one of the pet companies who produces a full line of natural and holistic flea and tick products for pets. They put to use essential oils, such as lemon grass, neem oil and herbal extracts to repel all types of disease carrying parasites that can plague your pets. Many pet care companies are are now producing holistic lines of overall pet care.

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Mary Lou beck 2 years ago

I read and use dawn dishwashing liquid on a regular schedule to bathe my dog

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

Thanks for this natural flea repelent for dogs. I´ll try it with my dog, Angus. Voted up and useful.

hiit 4 years ago

Very interesting topic, thank you for posting. Great hub!

Ron from Fitness

2besure profile image

2besure 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

I agree! It is the same with the shote. I asked my vet, she was the last case of rabies her saw. He said he never saw a. case of rabies.

LIZ GOLDSTEIN 4 years ago

Don't use f-line or heartgard It was killing my dog... My rambo now is 9 & since i stoped both. he has never been better.. I stoped for 3 years now.. All natural is the way to go..I use sentry natural defense...Very good all natural ingredients....

2besure profile image

2besure 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

You have to switch up on what your use. You are right; they build up a tolerance.

SallyTX profile image

SallyTX 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

Lots of great ideas! I've found that it's good to know about several different methods because fleas seem to get used to one and need to be whacked with another every now and then! Voted up and useful! ;D

Maria Miller 5 years ago

When fleas blast your pet, they don't just make an mortifying procedure for your dog or cat, they also head for an discomfited extant condition with country risks for you and your sept. According to Inhabitant Brute Hospital Connexion (AAHA) licenced Veterinarians, your pet can change these pesky insects anywhere they travel into happening with other animals. At embarkation facilities, doggy day-care and still the anesthetic lot, you and your pet are presented with the peril of hard flea infestations.

Spider Control

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed this, Praise God!!!

2besure profile image

2besure 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

Natural is the best way to go. Safety first!

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Lots of new ideas here - the lemon and garlic solutions I had no idea of. Even better they are totally natural.

Rossi 6 years ago

WAIT DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS on CATS. They cannot metabolize EOs and they cause cumulative liver damage. In fact ,kittens treated w/ EOs have been died. Read more at

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

These are fantastic natural and safe options! There is nothing worse than a flea infestation -- I encountered this when I lived in Texas and couldn't get it under control fast enough. If only I knew what I know now.... Thanks for the great suggestions!

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