New Hampshire Day Old Chicks for Sale + Free Shipping

New Hamsphire Egg & Meat Combo

Pair of New Hamsphire Chickens
Pair of New Hamsphire Chickens

Which Chicken is good for Eggs and Meat

Well look no further these New Hamsphire Reds and great birds for both Large Brown eggs and lots of them and you can also use them as meat birds.

New Hampshire Reds were actually developed in the state of New Hampshire around the year 1915 using Rhode Island Reds as the foundation stock. They were once the leading breed used for the production of brown eggs and meat. Considered one of the fastest growing.  The hens start laying from 5 months old and when they start they hardly stop.  The roosters are very pretty and proud birds, they stand tall and what colors they have on them. 

If you are living you a cold area all you need is a basement, a brooder house, warming lamp, feeder, waterer heated or not and food.  Start growing your chickens now and have eggs in the spring.  The brooder houses we have are easy to clean and have lots of room for the chicks to grow.  Get a head start on everyone else and have your chicks growing before spring.  Give the kids something to do and care for over the winter. 

Order your chicks now at - we also have the brooder house, feed, waterer, all  you need to raise your healthy chickens. 

Look for a school project check out our Incubators, Fertile chicken eggs and all supplies for hatching chicken eggs.  This is a fun project and the kids will keep very busy.

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I need to buy dayold chicknes

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