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It wasn't long ago that my loving cat became ill one night. I was really worried, no vets were open and i thought i was going to lose him in the night. I searched the internet for a diagnosis of what he was experiencing. Whilst i was searching for this i found a marvellous online vetinary service, free of charge. With the advice and care that they gave me i was able to keep my beloved cat in a comfortable state untill the next morning when i could take him to the vets to get checked over. I found the diagnosis given on the online vetinary was fantastic and matches that of the "human vet"... i was also given excellent advice and i believed it saved chippy's life.

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As technology moves on further as each minute of each day go past, we hope it moves in a direction that makes our lives easier and not harder. Sometimes i think it is fair to say that technology can vastly complicate things; my favourite example of this is relationships.... I partly blame technology for an increase in marital breakdowns, as well as the ludicrous culture we seem to be living in these days. However, in the case of online vets, i think very positively of technology and what it is doing for our society.

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