Our Boston Terrier had Cherry Eye - What we did

Our Boston Terrier developed Cherry eye at the age of 12 months. We researched different ways to correct the problem and came across 3 options.

The first was to leave it alone as it is mostly cosmetic however he would be more prone to eye infections.

The second was to have a vet remove the Cherry eye. However this method affects the dog's ability to produce tears and he could later develop dry eye.

The third is method is to have the vet actually cut a slit into the dogs inner eyelid, tuck the 'cherry' into this slit then sew it up. This is the ideal method however it is not guaranteed to work. It is also the most expensive method.

After some saving and a lot of thought we decided to go with the third option. The 'tuck'. We did a lot of research and found a vet who had performed this surgery several times in the past. Needless to say she did a great job. Check out the pics!

*If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Before Cherry Eye

With Cherry Eye

2 Days after surgery

2 Weeks After Surgery

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Taylor 6 years ago

my bloodhound puppy is having his surgery today, we also decided to tack it. i hope he looks as good as your pup!

how much was your surgery? ours will be 430 dollars!

godbyj profile image

godbyj 6 years ago Author

We got the eye done the same time he was neutered. So we saved some money as he was already sedated for the neutering. The eye surgery was an additional $350 on top of the neutering. $430 is actually very good, we live in Ottawa and had to go out of town to find an experienced vet who would charge a reasonable price. The Vets in Ottawa wanted $1000 just for the eye surgery!

CGAY 6 years ago

Our Boston just got a Cherry Eye...I've read that there is a way to massage it back into place. Is that possible?

godbyj profile image

godbyj 6 years ago Author

Dont know, but one time about a year ago in the other eye the cherry popped out a little. We immediately put a little polysporin (regular human kind 'gel out of a tube') on the cherry. The next morning it was gone and it never came back out again. We were very thankful and lucky.

Jo 6 years ago

I'm looking to do the same for my boston. Where exactly did you go in Ottawa?

godbyj profile image

godbyj 6 years ago Author

We got it done here (www.cranberryhill.ca) at the same time we got him neutered in order to save on the cost. This place was by far the cheapest and the vet (I forget her name) had done this procedure before. She was so confident with her work she said if the cherry came back out she would fix it again for free. All the best with your Boston!

Jo 6 years ago

Wow that's great! Thanks a lot for the info! :)

Glenda 5 years ago

My vet in silver city, NM only charges $80. Why is yours so much more expensive?

Laura 4 years ago

Ours cost $2100 through a veterinary optometrist. We had one eye repaired for Cherry Eye and the other prophylactically tucked because the glands in both eyes were too large for his face, hence the problem. His tendon had to be repaired in the bad eye and he had to have his tear duct flushed as it was clogged. I can't believe it was so inexpensive for you!

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