PROZAC for Cats: Is Your Cat too Aggressive?

By Gloria Siess, {"Garnetbird"}

Not all cats are as relaxed and affable as this one.
Not all cats are as relaxed and affable as this one.
Could this black cat secretly be on...Prozac? Hmmmmm...
Could this black cat secretly be on...Prozac? Hmmmmm...

Even Cats Can Have a Chemical Imbalance..

      Is your cat relaxed and happy? Apparently the sophistication of the times has also hit Feline Land, as some Vets are now prescribing Prozac for Cats. Prozac (Fluoxetine) belongs to a class of chemicals that control serotonin levels in the brain.  It is used for panic disorders, depression, and anxiety. Apparently cats with compulsive-obessive disorder are now given this trendy drug in hopes of controlling their behavior.

     What behavior, you may well ask. Cats who howl incessantly.  Cats who attack their owners and other cats without provocation.  Cats with excessive sexual behavior. Cat who pull their fur out while watching I Love Lucy re-runs. I feel blessed that my cat, by comparison, is an angel with no issues at all to send me shrieking for the vet.

     Do not attempt to self-administer Prozac to your cat, of course. The dosage will differ!

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GreenGoodsGuide profile image

GreenGoodsGuide 6 years ago from Lehigh Valley PA

Geez, we have enough prozac in our rivers and streams, causing drugged out fish and frogs! Do we have to dump it out with the litter too? ;-)

Re behavior, these drugs weren't in evidence 30-40 years ago, nor were they "needed" the way they seem to be today. Could it be that our now toxic environment is causing these imbalances? Could it be that we've suffered from a major Bernays Brainwashing since the FDA ruled to allow Pharmaceutical companies to advertise on TV? Did you know that chronic prescription drug use has increased an enormous amount since that event? Big Pharma would love nothing better than selling cat prozac.

Put a bit of vanilla extract on the tip of your finger and rub it under your cat's chin. I assure you it won't hurt the cat and you'll notice an almost immediate improvement in behavior. Then clean the litter pan. Cats often speak out about things, only we're too dense or busy to understand what they're saying.

GarnetBird profile image

GarnetBird 6 years ago from Northern California Author

I love the vanilla idea. My cat is pretty calm, but someone out there might have a pre-Prozac case pending and need a dab of scent.Cats on Prozac: It does sound ridiculous, doesn't it?ha

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