Pet Death

Watching Your Pet Pass Away

Watching your best friend of 12 years die is laden with sadness and memories.

I bought Chauncey as a Christmas gift for my 6'3" husband who just had to have a maltese. There was one in all of Tampa and he was at a puppy mill store. I am not a puppy mill store person nor would I normally buy a pet, i would rescue one. But that is what he wanted so into the store we went. Chauncey was three months old and had an undescended testicle. We called him Uni-baller. He was too curly, too big and too cute not to take home. $900, yes, $900 later he was chewing the furniture, peeing in the bed and bonding with me. He was the little prince of poop, the rooster in the barnyard and the interloper of my husbands affections. He would get between us when we hugged, got close in bed or otherwise touched each other. I still find it funny and sweet.

Life without him will be much quieter. He has never stopped barking and continues to use the rug as his personal toilet. His personality is so strong and his glue like attachment to me so endearing, somehow I live with it.

He is lying on the couch beside, breathing too hard and hasn't eaten, which is the only way to get his meds in him. His teeth are rotted and falling out (maltese related issue), his fur is thinned and his bark weaker. He has congestive heart failure. His chest rattles and I cry. I cry for the puppy I brought home and love dearly, I cry for the loss of his friendship, his adoring nature and the void that will fill my heart and my home.

PS:  Chauncey passed 5 days after this was written.  It has been very hard for our whole family.  And it IS very quiet.

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 6 years ago from Ohio

We lost ,Beffy, our family dog about two years ago...we miss her and still talk about her often. Dogs are such wonderful beings. Welcome to hubpages. :)

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Everytime I lose one I have to think that it is to make room for another that needs rescuing and love. It is the only way I keep loving and rescuing them, it hurts so much to lose them.

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