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Once you gazed your eyes upon a hamster, it's attractiveness & pleasing will be love at first sight to most. There's even cartoon like "hamtaro" which will make the hamsters extremely "kawaii" [cute in japanese]. This little creature is suitable for those who lived in a house with a small area. With features which indicates that the little hairy creature is as innocence and can be trusted as it looks, it is really quite suitable to be kept as a pet. Let us all not just stop reading here, get all very interested, and decided to go out straight to the pet shop, and buy a hamster for yourself.

Here is a little test for you. This is to make sure that you are qualified to own a hamster as a pet.

Question 1:
Will you be able to sacrifice your time and be commited to the well-being of the cute little hamster for a long period of four years?

Question 2:
Known to most, the hamster is a nocturnal creature. So, with no other excuses, are you prepared to play with it only in the evening?

Question 3:
When you decided to go on a long vacation, will the hamster's welfare be taken care of?

Let us check the total score that you have acquired. If all of your answers to the above question is 'yes', then, by all means, you are a qualified, likely to be successful hamster owner.

Buying Hamsters

Before deciding on the number of hamster that you are buying, there is one main important thing, you need to know and ask yourself. "Never breed hamsters unless you know what to do with the babies". Hamster are known of having an average of between four and eight babies in a litter. Better summarized as prolific breeders. Anyway, if you are not thinking of breeding them, it's okay to keep hamsters as a single pet.

Gender of The Hamster

Now, you might be wandering on how to see the difference between a male and a female hamster. Unless you can't be bothered or wish to get a random gender for the hamster, then it's up to the individual. For the male, the space between the anus and the genital opening is greater than the one in the female. The testes of older males are obvious which make for easy identification. If you intend to get a male and a female at different times, do get the male first if you only have one cage. Females are known to be generally more aggressive. Ensure that when you introduce the female, get one that is a few weeks younger. The younger female ones are less aggressive.

Hamster's Age

A four-week old hamster will adjust much faster to you and therefore can be tamed quicker. However, they are in a "flea stage" and would hop and run around quite unexpectedly. If you tend to be nervous in handling animals, then get a hamster that is about six weeks old.

Deciding on the Hamster

A "good-looking" hamster may not be a healthy one. The best time to observe it is early evening or very late afternoon. A healthy hamster should be inquisitive, alert, bright-eyed and not apathetic. Its bottom tail, nose or eyes should not be wet. Do stay away from hamsters with unhealthy looking fur and loose hair.

Accessories for The Hamster

You can get a good hamster cage from a pet shop. Try to get a bigger cage from a pet shop. Try to get a bigger cage to give the hamster more space to roam. A hamster cage comes with a food dish, a hamster wheel for exercise and a house. You should choose a cage with horizontal wire bars as hamsters like to climb and swing. You will need to get an automatic water bottle that can be fastened to the bars.

Handling Hamsters

One good way to handle the hamster is to clasp it with one hand in such a way that the thumb and fingers securely surround the stomach. This is to prevent it from wriggling out of your hand. You then place it in the palm of your hand and place the other hand over it so that a warm pocket results. If you are on a vacation and you leave your hamsters with friends who may not like to touch hamsters, you may use the "canning method". Put a can in front of the hamster. Being curious, it will crawl in and when the head and front parts are safely in, gently push in the rest of the animal. You can then move it to its destination.

The Hamsters' Hygiene

The hamster is a clean animal and therefore dislikes a dirty cage. You can use wood shavings to line the base of the cage and the house. In this way, you need to clean the cage only once a week. But you still need to change the area used as a lavatory everyday.

Food & Nutrion & The Hamsters' Diet

Hamsters eat both plant and animals [They are an omnivore, like us humans]. They should be given a variety of foodstuffs so that they will not suffer from a deficiency disease. They can be given sunflower seeds, cereal grains, shelled nuts, small pieces of root vegetables, green vegetables, fresh fruit and even dog biscuits. However you have to remember to get rid of left-over fresh food daily. Water also needs to be changed everyday. Pellets which contain all the essential vitamins and minerals should be given. Occasionally, live food like mealworms (beetle larva), crickets and grasshoppers can be given as a treat for them.


In conclusion, if the charming little creature are being given much proper care and love, not forgetting as mention before, diet, the hamster can live approximately four years. These four years will keep you occupied blissfully. Be sure to remember, similiar to all living creatures in the world, a hamster has feelings too!



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