Pets - How To Remove And Eliminate Pet Odors From Your Home

For many of us our pets are a very important part of our household, but unfortunately along with pets also comes pet odors. And as much as you love your furry friends, you sure don't love the odor.

If you've ever smelled a wet dog then you already know that many animals come with their own odors. And let's face it dogs are just naturally smelly, but even if you do own animals your home doesn't have to smell like it. There is nothing worse than walking into someones home and smelling a dirty dog or litter box. Animal odors are embarrassing, and even if it's not true they give the impression of a dirty unkept home.

Pets are a very important part of the family, and owning an animal is a great way to teach your children responsibility and how to care for others so how to do get rid of the odors without getting rid of a valuable member of your family?

Remove Stinky Dog Odor

If your pet odor problem is as simple a stinky dog then of course this can be taken care of with regular bathing. Dogs tend to have an odor all their own, but there are some ways that you can tone it down a little to make life a little more bearable around them.

Indoor dogs can be bathed once a week using a gentle pet shampoo, never use dish liquid as it will dry out their skin and hair. My choice for this is the Cloud Star Buddy Wash its safe and gentle for your pet and the lavender mint fragrance does an excellent job of removing that wet dog smell. Also make sure to wash dogs bedding at the same time, otherwise the bath will do no good at all.

One quick remedy for a stinky dog when you don't have time for a bath is baking soda. Just sprinkle some baking soda onto your dog, taking care to avoid the eyes, ears, nose and mouth area. Then gently massage it into his fur. To avoid getting baking soda all over the house you might want to follow this with a good brushing.

pets - how to remove and eliminate pet odors from your home
pets - how to remove and eliminate pet odors from your home

Remove Pet Stains And Odors

Getting of pet odors is always easiest if you find and clean up the spot right away, unfortunately that is not always possible.

And in some cases the damage, especially with cat urine may be so bad that there is just no fixing it without either tearing out and replacing the carpet and or furniture that the cat has urinated on.

With animal urine, especially cat urine it's crucial that you find and remove it all. For this I would recommend a black light, bodily fluids show up as florescent under a black light, so you're probably going to be amazed at just what you do uncover with it.

Next you need to clean the area thoroughly, for this I would recommend a good pet stain odor remover that has been formulated to break down the enzymes in the pet urine. For this there are several different products on the market that will do a good job. I've had very good luck with Simple Solution and Natures Miracle.

The main thing that you need to remember is that if you don't remove all of the odor your pet will continue to use that area for a toilet. Next you will need to find out what is causing the problem in the first place and do something about it.

Why Is My Cat Spraying?

A lot of times if a cat suddenly starts spraying for no apparent reason there's a good chance that he or she may be having a medical problem, and if this is the case with your cat you're going to want to get him to the vet right away. Otherwise it could turn into a serious illness.

Other things that may cause a cat to suddenly start spraying are any kind of a major change in his life such as a move or even the addition of a new pet or family member. Cats are very sensitive creatures and can be easily upset and when they are upset it usually results in unwanted behavior. If you suspect that your cats problem may be caused by some type of stress you may want to try a pheromone collar, spray or diffuser. This may not work for all cats but it worked wonders for mine a few years ago when I took in a stray cat for a while. At the time I already had two cats and they reacted rather badly to the stray by fighting with each other. But the pheromone diffuser calmed them all down and the fighting stopped.

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KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

Great hub. It is awful to walk into a house and immediately smell the odor of the owners pets. I work hard to keep it out of our house. The baking soda is a great idea for a sprinkle on a dog if you can't give them a bath a week. Up and useful.

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