Pets cure stress and psychological problems

A Wild Cat Attack

A Wild cat is trying to eat me

Cat fight

How pets can cure stress and psychological problems?

Pets have incredible abilities. If you love your pet it will feel that and will love you too. A pet is always your friend because:

1. It cannot talk:

This means that the chance that you can argue with them decreases. And whatever you talk to them most of the time as far as your tone is gentle makes them feel good.

2. It always looks sweet.

Yes. The are all sweet especially when they are babes!

3. It depends on you

Let’s admit it. A pet needs you because it is hungry and has other important needs. So it has its ways to make you do whatever it wants while you enjoy doing this most of the time (but not necessarily).

4. It hardly knows more people that you and therefore it is difficult for you to be jealous.

Remember the last time when you saw your friend with another woman/man talking and laughing? Did you feel jealous a little bit? With pets it if different. You can only feel that they are jealous when we do not give them the attention they need.

5. Pets are you best listeners:

Let us face it! We need attention. We need to talk and to be listened because we need to be respected in order to acquire our self esteem.

Psychological research proves that pets such as cats for instance take stress away. Pets successfully help nervous children, children with autism or children who hardly find any friends.

What pet to choose?

I am personally a cat person. Cats are mysterious animals that have been precious to all magicians and rulers through human history. And this is because of their incredible ability to take your stress away. Monks from Tibet learn from wild cats new karate and yoga techniques for instance. Lopsang Rampa, a monk from Tibet, claims that we should learn from cats how to stretch and relax because there is no another animal in nature that can do this better than cats!

Here I have uploaded a video of my cat. Watch it and relax! If you like my cat leave me a comment please!

My cat is sleeping so sweet!

Conclusion – My Happy Pet

While it is not a good idea to close yourself for the world and live only with your pets, it is always a good idea to have someone that will always love you. Animals do not possess some of the worst human qualities and often they are more pure than us.

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