Pet Friendly Stain Remover

Use this and pets won't go there again......

Pets, once they do their business anywhere on your floor or carpet, their scent is left behind - regardless of whether or not the human nose can detect it - thus they are prone to go in the same spot again and again. Being new to bunny rabbits as indoor house pets, I've read-up quite a bit recently on their care and learned of their tendency to inform the owner of their preference for the location of the litter box, by going potty in a specific location. Through several weeks of adapting and figuring out the best way to have a house bunny, considering our limited amount of living space and a bunnies tendency to chew on wood, wires etc., we finally realized a system which works for us. We bought a corner litter box and along with the bunny cage, both are kept in our powder room, located off the kitchen. Our bunny, "Little Miss Ihop," (or just "Ihop" or "bunbun") lives in her cage when we are not around or able to keep an eye on her. She will not do her business in the cage however; bunnies we've discovered are clean little critters . So in making sure she isn't cooped up too long, we let her out and she does her thing in her corner litter box. Until just recently however, she made it clear this was not the only place she wanted a litter box - the other location being right in front of the kitchen sink. For the past 4 1/2 years, we've had a rug right in front of the kitchen sink. I tired of needing to launder the rug so often and removed it. She still chose to go there, rug or no rug - until I discovered a product called "Kids 'n' Pets."

Kids 'n' Pets claims to be an instant, all purpose stain and odor remover, even guaranteeing the safe elimination of urine odors. So in deciding to try this product to deter Ihop from her insistence in claiming the area in front of the kitchen sink, I followed the directions and it worked! I cleaned the vinyl floor, and the rug went through the wash. All I did was squirt some of the liquid on the floor and allowed it to dry. Once the rug came out of the dryer, I placed it back in front of the sink and squirted some of the product on the rug and allowed it to dry and she hasn't pottied there since! Kids 'n' Pets claims odors fade as it dries and they've made a believer out of me! For carpets, the process may be a little more involved. Again, the directions say to treat the area and let it dry (after all excess odor causing material has been wiped up), however it does say carpet in some instances, may need lifting and the pad may need to be included in treating the area.

Some of the other uses Kid's 'n' Pets claims to be great for are as follows:

Stain Remover, Carpet Cleaning Machines and Laundry Pre - Wash

Kids 'n' Pets claims one can use it on the following:

Upholstery (Including Auto)



Carpets and Carpet Pads


Mattresses and Bedding

Any Water Safe Surface

Pets 'n' Kids guarantees the elimination of the following stains and odors:









Food and Beverages

Pet Accidents

Mold and Mildew

Printers Ink


Horse Body Oils





Red Wine




On the bottle, it states, "Kids 'n' Pets is non - toxic, non - flammable and non - irritating. It will never 'set' stains, fade colors or leave a sticky residue. Biodegradable and Cruelty Free."

For ingredients it reads, "Kids 'n' Pets " contains a powerful synergistic formula of high speed natural liquid enzymes, isopropyl alcohol, surfactants, water and a natural citrus scent."


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Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

very informative hub

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

HI Naturesencore -

Thanks for visiting and sharing. I had not heard of vinegar as a source of odor removal or spot urination deterrent - I'll have to remember that. I do know bugs don't care for it and it makes a great glass cleaner! My mother in law thinks it's great to rub on chests of those with fever (and then wrap them up tight with blankets...supposed to help with sweating it out I guess)....not sure if this is a legitimate natural medicinal remedy or a filipino folk lore but seems there are lots of benefits associated with it in addtion to making salad dressing!

naturesencore profile image

naturesencore 8 years ago from Chicagoland

*** I need to correct the solution ratio previously mentioned. The above comment should read, "one part vinegar to two parts water." *** Sorry about that.


naturesencore profile image

naturesencore 8 years ago from Chicagoland

We have tried just about every commercial cleaner out there to no avail. I really enjoyed reading your hub and definitely appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to share a product that actually works. However, I wanted to offer an even more economical and quite efficient product that cost less than pennies per use . . . plain old distilled white vinegar.

Simply mix one part white vinegar to one part water and shake well. That's it! The solution removes the stain and the odor, keeping the pet from returning to do his or her business.

We have three Maltese puppies who have accidents every once in a while. They are crate trained, but sometimes we're not fast enough in getting them to their potty spot outdoors or to their puppy pad indoors. This is when we break out the solution.

For fresh pet stains, we soak up as much of the said accident with a dry towel, then apply the solution. We then rub the stain lightly with a white, cotton cloth until the stain is absorbed. Then, using a microfiber towel, we press until the residual liquid is absorbed into the towel. Sprinkle baking soda over the spot to speed drying time, then vacuum.

I also wrote a hub about this, which goes into more detail. I know it has saved us a ton of money, so I wanted to spread the word. ;o)


christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

Hey thanks Mike for your professional contributions!

Happy New Years to you as well and I too look forward to you letting me know when you'll be up this way so we can get together for fellowship!   

profile image

mikeq107 8 years ago

PS As regards treating the carpet PAD...ask your local vet for a large Syrnge and after cleaning the soiled area...then inject the pad through the carpet with your favourite odor neut....saves pulling up the carpet...of course sometimes not even this will work and its time as lady G did Kilz and new carpet and provention train the pet...good luck

profile image

mikeq107 8 years ago

HI Christine:0)

Happy new year...sorry I have been a stranger...left you a comment on my hub Hi ya all!!!

As a pro carpet cleaner its been fun reading your hub and everyones I will not even go there lol ..only i will say this..i have learned most of my pet odor cleaning tricks from the pet owners of America and not the pet odor removal manufactures.....look forward to seeing you some time this year!!!!!

Mike ;0)

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

Wow, your kitty is special.  You do know that God matches animals with people? yep he does. 

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

Hi LadyG -

Between cars and coyotes, our cat is purely and indoor cat - NOW. He was an indoor/outdoor until he went missing one boys cried and prayed, "Jesus, bring home our Ziggy." Well, I wish they would have thought to include, "in one piece," or something along those lines....he showed up three days later, lip detached from his jaw and missing a canine and walking funny in the hind end. We took him to the vet and the tooth was removed, the lip was sewn back to his gums and with all the drugs and an x ray, cost $900 and $ was tight. I had some people say a bullet would have cost a dime but I can't put a price on my boys hearts....the vet wanted us to take him to an orthopedic vet for a consult which I never did....felt since God healed my back, He would do the same for the cat. It's been 2 - 3 years now and so far, so good..not hindered in any way...runs and jumps like any other ordinary cat. He is a sweet kitty w/ a very unique personality.

We see possums here occassionally....more racoons which I know some people think are the cutest critters yet I know they also can be pretty vicious, comparable to a badger. You possum buddy sounds very special.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

I only wanted one cat in the beginning.  You will understand my dilemna when you read it.  They are not all indoor only cats, just one.  But they come and go and sometimes I will keep them inside for the purpose of letting the outside ones eat in some sort of peace.  I have one that picks fights with other cats, even some of the ones inside nad especially her littermate.  Her name is Shadow. She thinks she is a boy--through and through.  She funny in that!!  She and her sister were litterally born in a tree.  Their mother was owned by the neighbors who never fed her and when she brought me her litter of five (the two sisters were littermates with)  I found homes for them and kepot the two sister (they relied on each other at that time)  The mommy cat had three other litters and so I decided to giver her up for adoption and her other litters.  She was only about less than a year old when she was having litters and if she was to continue it would have eventually killed her.  She was precious.  I have all but two male strays spayed and neutered!  I don't have the money right now to neuter the other two males that come around to eat.

I have a dog too, so it isn't only cats.  He was a drop off too.  I saved the life of another dog too when the owner ----well it is emotional and he ended up being charged with Animal Abuse.

Heck there is a possum out there that feeds on my cat food too when the cats haven't finished there and wish tht I could do somethig for it too.  It seems his nose is malformed and it is only half of what it is supposed to be and his teeth aren't formed correctly and he is much smaller then the other two siblings he has.  I understand that he is wild so all I can do is watch him.  He doesn't function like the rest of them either--when I go out the others will run towards the steps that they came up on but this little one will run to the side of the porch were he gets trapped because there is no exit and the cats will torment him.

Oh I have talked too much.....Animals are my passion--if you haven't guessed already!!! lol

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Eddie -

Thanks for visiting and sharing with Barbie.I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas - it's fast approaching! We have lots of snow and ice here and it's affected my wanting to run around and do what's necessary!

Hi Lady G -

Yes, that was one of the reasons I stopped Mel too. I'd done Amway before that and loved their laundry detergent but their plan required one to spend even more than Melaleuca....I was spending about $200 a month! If there are about a dozen people who are all friends and love the products, it makes sense for one person to do it and everyone else buy from them!

My husbands auntie is a cat woman and has had 5 at a time. I think cats are very cool and amusing. Did you by any chance check out Jreuter's hub on his cat? So funny my belly ached! One - two at a time would be our limit but there are people like you who I admire who have an extra sweet soft spot for needy animals....truly a blessing to God's creatures since there are so many unwanted and uncared for pets, abused, abandoned or in shelters. I will check out your 'chosen ones' hub later on in the week when I have more time. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

I don't want to hijack your hub. The plan that Mel has is great if that is all the products and amounts tht you use. We couldn't use all the products so I had to quit.

Understanding why an animal does what it does is a great help, but then agai you have to catch them in the act for them to know you mean business. I have two cats now that don't use the litterbox. I know why one doesn't, but I can't catcher her in the act to know 100 percent sure that it is her that is doing it. I have put her in a large crate with a litter box of her very own and food and there is a shelf in there that she slkeeps on. It worked for the first week and then she saterted pissing everywhere again. Now it is hard to catch her in the act. They sure are the sneakyiest animals that I know.

We have four litter boxes besides the one in the crate--not like she doesn't have choices!! We think that she is missing some marbles. You can seeall my babies on my Chosen Ones hub, if you like.

profile image

Eddie Perkins 8 years ago


It is always good to hear of great safe products to use.  I'll have to make sure Barbie reads this because this is one of her BIG things.

Thanks ~ eddie

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Lady G -

Yeah, people don't even realize that our skin is the largest organ (don't know if intestines count as organs - if so, they may be a contender) and we do absorb so much through it. So no longer a Melaleuca distributor? I really liked their antibacterial soap and herbal shampoo plus the mela rub (not sure that's what it's called - kind of rivals Vicks). The T-oils were handy to have on hand. I also miss having an aloe vera plant ....aloe is big in Hawaii. I bet it would do fine here indoors...I'll have to give it a try if I can find it!

Thanks Al Freed for the wonderful compliments and suggestion. I do actually have a website. It's I do appreciate referrals and certainly do reward those who do refer me a client which results in a closed transaction! (I have to watch those RESPA laws - I can buy thank you gifts though and gift or gas cards seem to be greatly appreciated!) The countrylady domain name is a great suggestion and perhaps I'll have to give this further consideration. I see you left me an email but do you have a website? Perhaps if I revisit your noni hubs I'll find it referenced there as my memory seems to recall you've posted it before....

RGraf, thanks for visiting and commenting. I remember growing up, we got rid of a dog who would not go outside and do it's thing because it didn't like Washington winter weather. You are more compassionate and merciful than my parents were (God bless you!). I hope the Kids 'n' Pets will be a great product for your household as well. I'd be interested in your letting me know!

RGraf profile image

RGraf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

I've never heard of this product. I'll have to try it. We have a dog and two cats and with severe winter sitting in the dog will not go outside. We lay pads down but sometimes she just doesn't want to use them. I'll have to try this.

Thank you.

AL Freed profile image

AL Freed 8 years ago from Pensacola

Did not sign in the first time and did not leave my email the last time,

AL Freed profile image

AL Freed 8 years ago from Pensacola

You are a smart lady; I liked your stick to it! I would like to tell other people about YOU and your web site if you have one! I will tell them about you even if you do not have a site, of your own! If not you need one! Buy right now (ACountryLady.COM) it is available! Be the leader I know you are!


Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

Correct. Now it seems that everything is in twos--only if you find that it doesnt' work then you have a bottle you will never use and it is a wasite.

I used to sell Mel too!!! Small world huh!

There are many other things that get absorbed into the body that you just don't realize.

Animals are funny, that is for sure!

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

Hi GMA -

Thanks for the visit and the comment.  I think Windex may have ammonia in it....I used to be a distributor for Melaleuca and their products are non toxic....through my experience with them was how I became more aware of what's in many of our cleaning products and how they can negatively affect ones health....bleach is supposed to be pretty toxic to our system yet I don't know of anything that kills mildew the way it does...when I lived in Hawaii I tried the Melaleuca product and went back to bleach.  Not  to say I don't use Windex on my glass and mirrors - I'm not overly self conscious about what is and isn't good for me so much anymore. I used to be more vegan too but couldn't convert my husband so am back to being omnivorous!  I do know vinegar is something that works well on windows/glass and it serves as a natural insecticide since  bugs don't like it.

Lady G- I know what you mean about having pets which act in such a way as we would not consider customary for their sex! Our bunny was trying to "do" the cat when she began to enter into sexual maturity and when we took her to be neutered, found out she wasn't a he! Also, I know of others with female cats who spray or mark their territory.  It's a natural thing for an animal to go where other animals have gone before....if you watch where dogs decide to do their thing, whether male or female, they always go where others have been before as if to say "I was here too."  Kind of reminds me of when I was in school and see the graffiti on the bathroom walls.  Even with my horses, they are funny. My oldest gelding is 23 and is not alpha....he lets my 3 1/2 year old baby bite him and herd him around.  Yet, my older one will go into the youngers stall just for the purpose of intentionally taking a dump in the area of the stall where the younger typically goes - and he drives me crazy since he particularly likes to do this right after I've finished cleaning it.

On the amazon add, the first one for $10.99 is the product I bought, although I only bought one and they are offering two for that price. I found a single bottle  in the grocery store on sale for $4 ($1.50 less per bottle). So I think even at $5.50 that's reasonable, particularly if you find it does the job. (But if not, who wants to buy two?).

Merry Christmas ladies!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

G-Ma, I will give that a try! Thanks you for a more economicla solution!!

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Have you ever tried plain old Windex? That stuff works wonders...G-Ma :o) Hugs MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

It isn't the territorial thing that makes them mark, it is more of where others have gone before.  before we lived here permanently my parent's had a renter and he had a dog that went beside the Masterbedroom closet and that is exactly where the cat went. 

All our indoor pets are spayed/neutered.  We have littermates and they both will use the floor as a litter box.  They were outdoor raised kittens and they will never be fully domseticated for a house.  The one is a female and when we went to get her desexed we thought for sure she was a male.  I think she has identity issues because she sprays if wh doesn't get her way.  I will give that product a try too--why not, I have even tried that stuff Wilie Mays sells on TV--beware of that product --it is very strong chlorine/bleach.

christinekv profile image

christinekv 8 years ago from Washington Author

HI Lady G - Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I suppose with multiple cats competing for dominance and doing "the territorial thing," having odors and spots to deal with surely must be more of a challenge. From our families experience, we have never had more than one variety of housepet at a time (cats, dogs, rabbit) with the exception of our cat Ziggy - we had his brother Fonzie too and they were litter mates. We never had marking territory issues to deal with between them but then again, we unfortunately had to put Fonzie down when he was just over a year old.

Thanks for mentioning the humidity factor since as I was writing this, I had wondered if climate and elevations may make any difference in effectiveness or the issue being more problematic.

You've really had to go through a lot with replacing carpet and using Kilz paint!

Have you tried the Kids 'n' Pets? I was just amazed in that what I've used it for, so far, it's claims have been true. I'll have to check back/maybe do some editing the next time the cat barfs on the carpet!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

I have used just about everything and have not found anything to work 100%. I have 5 cats inside and some are insdie/outside cats and will go potty outside. I have two that will not use the litter box, one is a very uptight cat and is scared of anything. Anyway back to the products. The ones that I did use and that were very good, were not as good when the humitiy was high--such as when it was raining outside an the hmidity in the air was high. That is when you culd smell the urine again., If it was dry then you couldn't small anything. We ended up getting rid of the whole carpet in our room and painting the floors will KILLZ paint. That stopped it. One thing when doing that---make sure all the windows are open and you need to paint two or more coats of it.

This has been my experience and what I have found that may work. I am still tryng other things!!

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