Pink Poodles and Dyed Doggies

What would you think about a pink poodle? How ‘bout a blue beagle? Panda puppies? A purple pug? Dyed dogs are the latest rage in Japan, and the fad is spreading to the US. Dog fur or hair can be dyed just about any color you can imagine, and some groomers specialize in special patterns like rainbows, polka-dots, tiger stripes, and zebra patterns. The entire dog can be dyed, or color can be added to only parts of the dog – like the ears or tail.

Basically, there are two types of dog dye. One is a subtle enhancement of color, not wild, zany unnatural doggie colors. The shampoo-dyes can even out the tones of your dog’s coat and revive coats that have been faded by the sun or by age. These color-enhancing shampoos are available in white, red, black, and gold. To give you an example, you might use red on an Irish setter to give his chestnut coat more red tones. White shampoo would make the coat of a Maltese dazzling white. These shampoos are good for your dog’s coat and skin and are available at

Then there are the crazy colors available at These doggie dyes come in sizzling colors like la la lime, pop star pink, shocking orange, tango turquoise, twilight yellow, vampire red, and purple. The dyes are non-toxic and are CFTA approved. Even so, a few dog’s get irritated or itchy skin from the dye. Any pooch over the age of 12 weeks is safe to dye. The color will last through 4-6 baths, but be careful if you do the job at home. Make sure the dog is completely dry before allowing it to come in contact with fabrics or carpet. If not, the dye can bleed onto places you don’t want it to.

There are also other ways to dye your dog. Some people use kool –aid or food coloring. These do not result in a consistent rich, bright color, however.

Many people frown upon dog dyeing, citing it as an example of animal cruelty. I don’t think it’s cruel. It’s really no different than getting a bath. Dogs don’t know they’ve been dyed because they’re color blind. I would never do it because it just seems so unnatural to me. It makes normal, everyday dogs look more like aliens or something. But if someone else wants to color their pooch, more power to ‘em.

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Pink poodle, anyone?
Pink poodle, anyone?

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ur mom 6 years ago

Well pink is the second gayest color next to RAINBOW!!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

hahahaha, ur mom! A gay poodle??

denny 6 years ago

it seems everything we see as new from some other country, has already been done and forgotten here in the USA. in the early 1960's my parents took us to the Detroit Auto Show, and yes, they dyed the poodles pink and blue and whatever color they could to match the autos and the models clothes. even chickens were hatching in blue green and pink! it was a sight, and way back in the '60s here in Detroit!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for adding this, Denny! I grew up in the 60s but don't remember the blue and pink poodles.

big mama 74740 6 years ago


habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Exactly, Bigmama! lol

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia

Great article!! I look forward to reading your hubs!!


habee profile image

habee 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, jorja! Where are you? I'm in Tifton.

PetCollars profile image

PetCollars 4 years ago from Saint Augustine, Florida

habee I agree with what ur mom said.. so gay! so rare to see a pink poodle..

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