Pitbull Fights

I sincerely hope that this hub is being read by pit bull owners who love their dogs, although I will say at this early stage that if you are involved in pit bull fights then, shame on you. The pit bull Terrier is loved as a breed. It's one of the bravest, most loyal, and most aggressive of breeds. These dogs were originally bred for fighting, and some owners still use these dogs to pitbull fight up to this day. There are many things that we can do as concerned pet owners ourselves or just as humanitarians in order to try to stop this happening. We must all take a pro active approach to any suspicions that we have regarding pitbulls fighting.

And this hub is going to go through a few things in with regards to pitbulls fights and hopefully you will have a better understanding as to the nature of the pitbull after we finished.

The pitbull as a breed

The breed of pitbull Terrier is originally from England, and was important into the United States of America in the early 19th century. Although the origins of the name are shrouded in a bit of mystery, there are a few theories about it. For instance they say that the "pit" comes from the fact that these dogs were made to fight in pit, so that they couldn't get away from each other. It is also said that the "bull" part of the name comes from being trained to take down bulls, which they would do by locking onto the bulls snouts. But it's not heard too often that they were never given a chance to become family pets, or were in only a few cases. This led to them being only thought of as aggressive beasts.

Pitbull fights

Unfortunately pitbulls are given special training so that they will fight to the death. The only reason that these monstrous owners can achieve this is because the pitbull is known to be a courageous fighting dog. There are more than 100,000 people that are taking part in pitbull dog fights in the United States today. These pitbull fights are often staged "sporting" events where crowds of people gather and gambling always plays a big part. Pitbulls fighting is completely illegal, and if you suspect that there are pitbull fights going on in your area you have a moral responsibility to do something about it.

What can you do about pitbull fights?

If you suspect that there are pitbull fights going on in your area you should contact your local police department and inform them as to your suspicions. If you had ever seen the horrific injuries that are caused when pitbulls fight, you could not do anything other that helping to stop the fights from happening.  There's a huge increase in the amounts of pitbulls that have been brought into animal shelters every day, in fact more than one third of all dogs brought into the animal shelters are pitbulls. A lot of these dogs have been involved in pitbull dog fights. And when you think that the pitbull fights to the death, how many more pit bulls were never saved. There is good and bad press about the pitbull Terrier, obviously the bad press is going to tell you about the aggressive nature of the pitbull Terrier. But there are some people who are giving some great press to the pitbull. One of these is Cesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer" with the leader of his pack "Daddy" who is a pitbull. 

Pitbull fighting should end

The pitbull as a breed is thought  by some to be far too aggressive a breed to ever have as a pet.  But that is so far from the truth. The pitbull terrier can make a lovely family pet when it is raised with proper care and attention. They are excellent around children, often thinking that they are a child themselves. Raising any animals to live a life where it the only way it eats is to fights is completely barbaric and has no place in modern society. So I will reiterate here that if you suspect anyone of being involved in the use of animals for fighting purposes you should call the cops. The next time you see a pitbull, I hope you will look on him with a bit more understanding.

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bronnie 6 years ago

pitbull fights most stop its bad and noy rite

jazzuboo profile image

jazzuboo 6 years ago from Queensland, Australia

Sometimes humans sicken me. I can't believe some of the things people call entertainment. They even put these pitball fighting videos up on youtube... disgusting.

Emily 6 years ago

I used to fear pitbulls. I used to be one of those people that always took in the bad press that I heard and never acknowledged any of the good. Althought I always thought that fighting any kind of pitbull was extremely cruel, even if I didn't like them. It took me awhile, but I have come to realize that pitbulls are actually very loving animals. And that with proper love and discipline, they are wonderful animals. I am so glad that I was able to come around and realize the joy that they can bring into ones' life. I truly do hope that there will come a time when no one will even think about fighting such a wonderful animal. As for the fights on youtube, I have seen them and they are truly disgusting! How you can treat an animal like that I'll never understand. People who train and fight pitbulls should be shot!

Adnohr profile image

Adnohr 6 years ago from Canada

I firmly believe that cruelty to children or animals should carry a MANDATORY prison sentence - like for 100 years without parole.

Hailey Vega 6 years ago

OMG!!!!! fighting pits is really mean i have peer breed pits and they are the most loving dogs antone can ever!!! i really liked michel vick but now he is not a part of my life!!!!!!!!

hailey vega 6 years ago

i mean really pit fights look at the pup on this page mabe when he grows up he could die fighting other pits that have more expience fight like M.V. case how he have 48 pits ready to fight aginst each other!!!!!!!!

babe ruth 6 years ago

i think pit bulls are innocent it iss the irresponsible ppl. who are greedy little bitches and want money that make the poor pit bulls do such horrifying things i have one thing to say to the stupid greedy ppl. if ur that greedy for money GET A FUCKIN JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and leave the poor innocent dogs ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babe cake 01/24/2010 6 years ago


babe cake 02/15/2010 6 years ago

yo i have somthin to say who ever likes to watch animals dyin is a bitch and a hole what's wrong with you,ll even though pit bulls may look like fighting dogs but that don,t mean you have to force them to fight just leave these inocent animals alone.

Alexis 6 years ago

I have two wonderful pitbulls and I love the breed I would never go back. I owned an alligator that is a little more dangerous then a pitbull. Anyone who thinks it is okay to fight these dogs are wrong. My dogs would defend me to the death and I would do the same for them. Mike Vick you are a dick. Will the awarness I see on animal planet about the breed being awesome I am so grateful. I love you bandit and kane.

ashley allen 6 years ago

judge the deed not the breed so give a pitbull a try before sentencing them all to die

bradie profile image

bradie 6 years ago from Idaho

add me plezzzzzzzz

vonn 6 years ago

My brother owns a pure pit and it's beautiful and precious. She is very gentle and playful with my brother's sons and never has she shown any aggression. I firmly believe that these beautiful dogs have gain a bad rep. because they are in the hands of the wrong people.

Tina 6 years ago

I have two pitbulls,AND LOVE THEM TO DEATH THERE NOT ONLLY MY PETS THERE MY Besties!! Once you own one you'll never choose another Breed. There loving ANIMALS, fighting is wrong and cural people are so dumb i Hurt someone for putting my dogs in Pain.

Eternal Evolution profile image

Eternal Evolution 5 years ago from kentucky

while i agree with most of the content in this hub you said that pits are one of the most aggressive dog breeds and this is not true. while they do come from a fighting history and most do have some form of dog aggression pits should have NO human agression at all! even pits being bred for fighting should have no human agression due to the fact that these dogs at times must be handled in the ring. and not all pits have dog aggression either, the breed as a whole tends to be dog aggressive due to their history but not all have it and thoes that do can have dog aggression to vairing degrees. one of my pits had dog aggression only to dogs that would come onto our land. if we brough a dog onto the land he was fine with them but he wouldn't tolorate a strange lone dog coming into the yard. also he was fine with dogs he would meet at the park or at our friends houses. my curent pit has show no signs of dog aggression at all. pits are wonderful dogs when owned by responsible owners who have done their reaserch.

Rocky Priapus 5 years ago

So how do you _Jackburton_ feel about those 'crush' videos by 'Pit Boss' Stevens of Pittsville, VA and the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on them as free speech!?

Tracey 5 years ago

There use to be a young male pit bull down the road and even though his owner abused him, he was the most gentle loving dog I have ever met. All he ever wanted to do was play with the kids at the park running around barking just having fun.

Mr.knoxs class 5 years ago

we are doing a project to stop this and people who fight dogs should die but people should comment on this because we need more facts

Roxa 5 years ago

After working at an animal shelter, the bullies are one of my favorite breeds. I've never seen a breed with so much loyalty. Sadly, lots of people want to breed pitties to make a quick buck. Please stop. There are already WAY TOO MANY great pits in shelters. If you are going to have an unaltered dog PLEASE be responsible and don't rely on the animal shelters to fix your problem if you pet reproduces. It is YOUR responsibility.

Grandma Lisa 5 years ago

I have adopted two pits. I have never seen such lovely sweet, loving and charismatic dogs. Our female- who is dominant was used to breed until she couldn't whelp, and then the owners tried to dispose of her. She loves everyone like they are all pure saints; she is very forgiving. Our sweet boy, he's submissive and shy, was brutally treated. He was terrified of any hand movements and could not relate to humans. He has scars on his haunches and shoulders from his abuse, and he has a slight limp- probably from the duplicate surgical scars he has where his tendons were cut so he couldn't run from his abusers. Our little girl has helped him come out of his shell, and they are two of the most gentle dogs I have ever had. I used to believe the hype about pitbulls- but once you educate yourself, study the breed and get around them, you find that all that hype was just that-hype. PLEASE, adopt a pit from your local shelter and read, read, read all you can- then share what you learn!

pitlover 5 years ago

People who fight dogs should be jailed for a long, long time and hopefully they get beaten up in jail everyday.

cece 4 years ago

All of u who think pitbull fighing is cool well its not, would u like if somebody made u fight to death just plezzzzzzz stop doing it is very cruel

sam pitbull lover leslie  4 years ago

Ugg me ppl can really make me sick!i mean who does this honestly the ppl who do tht should be shot!i mean really thts just fucked upp!and for the ppl who think it is funny or enteraining ur *bad words* a** h**** F****** up pll and ugg i just cant explain it !and ppl who think tht pitbulls and rotts are bad dogs then u should just shut up cuz u don't no tht maybe they were abonded or they were trained or something >:( the ppl who do this can ..can.. they can just SUCK MY DICKK!

Brandon Floyd 4 years ago

Everyone is so overwhelmed with PitBull fighting... When everyday animal cruelty is with every animal. Our county Zoos, our circuses, all the animal attraction over the world... Our poor animals that we all love suffer from some captivity & stress everyday. People wearing gator skin shoes, fur coats!!! would we feel if they needed our skin or hair and were being hunted daily like them. PitBull fighting is horrific because I have experienced but its really not worth all the controversy... Why, because dogfighting is has value because this is what they are bred to do. But you cock fighting no one is bitchin bout that or horse fighting. All this shit is about money another dollar another hustle its the way of the world. Wake up America.

Frank 4 years ago

I love my pit...I am disabled and he is a God send. HE can tell when I am about to have a black out or a dizzy spell. He makes me sit down and wont let me move. He has woken me up when I have stoppec breathing at night..... the best breed I have ever had.....

ptsweet 4 years ago

i think any one caught fighting any type of dog should be given cort ordered public service as decoys for training police attack dogs... give the dog fighters a bight suit and no training and let the police sick there attack dogs on the dog fighters so thay can get some idea what its like to be thrown in a pit to fight for your life.

Roman 4 years ago

the breed we present in america known as the americas top favorite dog is the pitbull do to some of the supitd acts people take upon the pitbull makes this breed like the worst dog i been researching for a couple months for my college class and when a person owns a pitbull they are 50 percent more happier then having a little dog because pitbulls always creave attention and if they don't get it they will do any thing to get the owners attendtion i love the breed i have two of my own and i live with a famiyl that accepted me with my two dogs and they have 2 chiuhauas and as they watch my dogs loyalty and the amount of love and attention my dogs give me they seen that the breed is not as bad as people view it so they adopted on thanks to me and the way i educated my dogs .lol or train and do to my two best friends i dicide to become an officer for animals and i hope in the future catch more people who fight the breed beat there ass up then take them in

nick 4 years ago

i want that dog it so pretty

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