Poem: Cute Little White Puppy

Gracius and Dynamic Puppy

Dogs, specially puppies are very gracious and dinamic. When they start to walk after a few weeks, they can be clumsy, but as the days advance, they will acquire agility and will follow you wherever you go. Of course, you always need to give them a break due to their young age.

You might even have to hold them in your arms on a long walk. If you do, make sure to carry dog food, so as to feed them on the road.

Little Puppy

Puppy | Source

Graciously Walking Through the Trail

Like a cotton ball with a moving tail
Graciously walking through the trail
The little puppy advances
Great effort it makes, besides the hiker

Guau guau! shouts the pet
The man stops and the pet sits down
Do you need help or do you want to rest?
The moving cotton ball indicates what´s next

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Jasmeetk 2 years ago from India

so sweet!! voted up!!

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