Names Of Poisonous Snakes

"Are you afraid of snakes?" was a question once put to a little boy. "Yes!" he replied in horror, with a shudder - and, no doubt, you must be scared too.

Indeed, most of us have a deep fear and an extreme horror of snakes. These slippery serpents slither and slide, twine and twirl, leaving a trail of terror wherever they go. Imagine coming across a black mamba coiled on a ledge or a king cobra raise its dark head from some crevice in the rock?

There are more than 2,000 kinds of snakes, and they are found in practically all parts of the world except the polar regions. Snakes are divided into two categories: the poisonous and the non-poisonous.

The poisonous snakes possess poison fangs. These fangs are actually hollow teeth with an opening at the tip. They are located in the upper jaw and connect with poison glands in the head.

When the snake wants to bite, it contracts the muscles connected to these glands, and the poison (or venom, as it is usually called) flows out through the fangs into the open wound which the snake has already made by its bite. A medium-sized snake can put as much as half a teaspoon of this poison into the victim at one time!

Notable poisonous snakes include:

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Their very names send shivers down one's spine!

Do you know what the fear of snakes is called?

The answer is: ophidiophobia.

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cloudcity9 profile image

cloudcity9 8 years ago from Florida

wow,very intresting.I one time found a ribbon snake in my front yard.

mayseam43876 7 years ago

cool! I saw a mud snakeonce at a camp. the camp director let me hold it!

areeb 6 years ago

where is the snakes poison come in his body and i want to i am expert of snkes

hassam profile image

hassam 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

It is produced in the glands of the snakes.

looloo 6 years ago

that snake is really creepy .

jain 5 years ago

i love snakes

dd 5 years ago

I seen a cobra in indea

WRONG 5 years ago

these are all venomouse snakes. To be a poisonous snake it has to kill you by being consumed or inhaled.

mike 5 years ago

i saw a rock pithon once in florida and it look awsome

Michael 5 years ago

I love snake

nimmat singh 5 years ago


Jim 5 years ago

Actually all snakes are non poisonous. Snakes are venomous. There is a difference. Venom must be injected under the skin whereas poison causes harm if you swallow or inhale. Generally venom won't harm you if you ingest but you still should not drink venom. You are right about the fangs and the glands though except the glands are called venom glands not poison glands. Also where you listed the notable venomous snakes you included pythons. These snakes kill there prey by constricting them. Then each time the victim breathes the snake tightens it's grip until all breathing stops. The prey is then swallowed whole. I find it interesting that I knew this when I was five.

selena 5 years ago

i think that all of u r wrong cuz snakes does not kill

gamba 5 years ago

yes thy does not

mariyam 5 years ago

i like snakes

Uttam 4 years ago

i think if we behave friendly with snakes they will not harm us

ashley 4 years ago

snakes are amazing no matter how dangerous they may be they can do things most pople cant

Ryan M. Miller 4 years ago

There are two snakes in that list that are not venomous. Just sayin.

SWETA TIWARI UP 4 years ago


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