Koi and Other Pond Fishes: Compatibility With Goldfish

Koi are compatible with pond goldfish


Koi, Plecostemus, Golden Orfe and Other Fish Coexist in Water Garden Ponds

So you have finally crafted that beautiful garden pond and stocked it with goldfish. Adding more, different types of fish will likely make it even more spectacular. Determining which fish will coexist best with your established goldfish clan may prove a bit challenging. Turtles, frogs and catfish will not work well in a pond with goldfish. However, several species of pond fish will work extremely well and are compatible with pond goldfish.


Descendants of the common carp, koi will normally grow up to 36 inches and may weigh as much as 35 pounds when fully grown. Originally kept in rice paddies by Japanese farmers, mutant carp developed slight color variations. Through selective breeding over the centuries, the Japanese developed certain colors and patterns like Orenji, Doitsu and Midori. Koi require healthy water conditions and may only thrive in large, deep ponds containing at least 10,000 gallons. Koi typically live about 50 years and may live more than 100 years.

Mosquito Fish

Included in the guppy family, these small pond fish only grow to about three inches in length. These fish have long, slender bodies and a pale silver color. Due to their name, most folks add them in a pond environment to keep the mosquito population in check. While these fish make a big difference by eating lots of mosquito eggs and larvae, goldfish and other pond fish species eat their fair share of mosquito larvae as well. Mosquito fish do well in climates that experience milder winters.


Also known as "plecos" or "algae-eaters," these fish will feed on the algae which collects on the sides and bottoms of your pond and any food other fish do not eat. Plecostomus easily coexist with goldfish and koi. The plecostomus will work miracles in a pond by eating algae continually and keeping it in check. For ponds less than 12,000 gallons, two large plecostomus will easily take care of any algae problems. Because these fish are tropical, they must remain in warmer water and must move indoors if the pond water temperature drops below 55 degrees F.

Golden Orfe

These fish tend to move in schools and will grow to about 18-inches in length. A yellowish-orange colored fish, Golden Orfe move quickly and may dart around the surface of a pond. Most people avoid using the Golden Orfe due to their hypersensitivity to poor pond water conditions. These fish will only survive and thrive as a group or school so never introduce less than three fish at a time. Check with local authorities or your State Fish and Game Commission because possession of these fish remain prohibited in some U.S. states.

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BlogZoneUSA profile image

BlogZoneUSA 4 years ago from Tennessee

Very interesting blog. I never thought about Koi with other types of fish.

MKayo profile image

MKayo 4 years ago from Texas Author

BlogZone - Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

We use to have a pond and we had Koi and goldfish in it. They did well and looked great in the pond. Enjoyed your hub and voted up.

MKayo profile image

MKayo 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the read and vote up, moon lake!

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